Wedding February 25  horoscope


But for a more adult and mature couples marriage will be prosperous and strong. Last, the fourth phase of the moon is more suited to reflection and planning the wedding than for its registration. During this period it is better once again to think things through and discuss the nuances of future life together, and if it is possible to transfer the celebration, it is best to do it.




Concluding the Union on the day when the moon is on the influence of Aquarius in your life there is not only a husband, but also the most loyal friend.
In general we can say about a couple - cranks, they are not ordinary, and that attracts them to each other. The most important thing in your relationship - trust you and are passionate about public projects, helping others and each other, jealousy - it's not about you. Such families are very hospitable and always ready to help their loved ones.
It is worth noting that the birth of a child pair will have to sacrifice some of your hobbies, but it will not affect the relationship between the spouses. Wedding for the young and inexperienced couples in this day heralds the constant interference and dependence on parents, so if you dream of autonomy and independence of the marriage is not necessary to conclude on this day.