Wedding February 23  horoscope


This alliance partners are constantly trying to keep everything under control and dominate, restrain their emotions, but they know how and know how to love and take care of your partner.
The main thing to remember is that life passes and you need to have time to give as much love and care to his suprugu.Den extremely favorable for marriage. There is a high probability of permanent physical problems, apathy among partners of depression that will ultimately lead to a life of spouses forced existence with each other.




The relationship between institutionalized Capricorn may come to an end and move in such a relationship, which are held only by the common cause. To many this may seem normal, but in such a relationship often forget about love and the fact that family happiness is to cherish and take care of it. Just married in this day luny lead to constant quarrels, misunderstandings and ultimately to divorce. The last, fourth phase of the moon is more suited to reflection and planning the wedding than for its registration. During this period it is better once again to think things through and discuss the nuances of future life together, and if it is possible to transfer the celebration, it is best to do it.