Wedding February 16  horoscope


The pair, who decided to legalize their marriage in the day, when the moon is under the influence of Scorpio will be tested by jealousy.
To avoid problems or conflicts related to this feeling is necessary at the outset to be sincere and frank with each other, it will lead to friendly relations of trust.

Between these partners there will be a strong psychological connection that literally will be able to replace the phone. Real treat and the solution of many problems will be a long-awaited birth of rebenka.Horoshy day for marriage between partners practicing spiritual teachings, resolute and self-confident and partner.
Marriages concluded today shy away from jealousy and financial problems. People who are socially oriented, to enter into a marriage in this day stoit.Tretya lunar phase is not the best time for marriage. The energy begins to wane, and the wedding may seem to you than the wasteful and unnecessary, it can spoil the relationship with their partner. For this period fit quiet and modest registration.