Wedding February 15 horoscope


The couple may be prolonged periods of introspection and self-analysis, which may adversely affect the relationship.

An exception will be marriages in which a partner has a brother and a twin sister. Their marriage will be successful and will be held in celebration of vysote.Tretya lunar phase is not the best time for marriage. The energy begins to wane, and the wedding may seem to you than the wasteful and unnecessary, it can spoil the relationship with their partner. For this period fit quiet and modest registration.




Unions prisoners during the Libra influence stand out from the rest romance, ekstravogantnostyu and elevation.

Even after many years spent together, a pair of saves in a relationship feeling soft and romantic love, allowing the pair to spend as much time as possible together.

Every year you will become dearer and nearer, more and more time to spend around, enjoying the time spent together and eventually just can not imagine life without each other. Marriage in this day is not the best idea. Couple reshivshayasya on such an important step in that day itself dooms itself to melancholy and depression in their relationship.