Wedding February 13 horoscope


A marriage contracted in this day will haunt all sorts of difficulties, physical, health problems, which can significantly impair a relationship partner.

However, proposals to create a union that day very blagopriyaten.Tretya lunar phase is not the best time for marriage. The energy begins to wane, and the wedding may seem to you than the wasteful and unnecessary, it can spoil the relationship with their partner. For this period fit quiet and modest registration.




Union concluded in the period when the moon is under the influence of the sign of Virgo, is literally doomed to test domestic problems. Treat all obstacles and overcome them samovyderzhka help both partners.

Try to smooth the unpleasant moments, restrain anger and criticism towards your partner, avoid quarrels and conflicts.

Try not to dwell on the negative, remember only the good, and if there was still a misunderstanding or conflict, try to take everything with yumorom.V this period the outflow of lunar and astral energy, so the marriage and celebration of this day is not favorable.