Wedding February 11 horoscope


A good time to start something new, including marriage, especially if it is not the first. It is time for a change, and a second chance.

If the marriage is not the first, then to him you have to go through an analysis of past relationships. A good marriage would be between couples whose relationship is tested vremenem.Vtoraya phase of the waxing Moon is well suited for marriage and is very favorable, though somewhat ambiguous.




If the ideal family for you is a creative family, it made an alliance when the moon is subject to the influence of the fiery sign of Leo. In such families preserved the sincerity and passion honeymoon, the couple will entertain each other sweet surprises and gifts throughout their life together.

Your house will always be full of guests, for each it will seem warm and cozy. Your home can become a "family nest" which will respect the parents and children will reign harmony and understanding.