Wedding February 8 horoscope


This couple is always surrounded by faithful and loyal friends, they will support you in the holidays, and in the bad times. If you have discussed all the details of the joint family life, confident in their feelings and trust each other your union will be prosperous.

Do not worry people with leadership qualities, ready to take responsibility for themselves and their families. Moods, families created the lunar day will be changeable, but will not always lead to their collapse. The second phase of the waxing Moon is well suited for marriage and is very favorable, though somewhat ambiguous.




If your submission family is nothing like a fortress, then a wedding in a period when the moon is under the influence of the Cancer sign for you. When the Moon is the highest number of marriages is in Cancer.

By creating a family in this period, you can be sure that there you do not meet the betrayal, lies and misunderstandings. To make your life bright and saturated, this union can make a holiday of the most significant reason.