Wedding February 2  horoscope

The main thing that throughout their life together you are aware that a major in the family are you both. The first time you will be given is difficult, but with the experience and wisdom, you will be able to achieve harmony and understanding with each other.
Union concluded in the lunar day will give couples the wisdom that will help keep their love.

The time is favorable for those who dream of a quiet family evenings spent in seclusion, away from the noise of the city and in harmony with nature, for those who are tired of violent youth and achieved inner peace.
The energy of the first lunar phase is set to creativity. If your marriage does not carry negative or not a marriage of convenience, this is a favorable time for its conclusion.




What awaits the newlyweds who have concluded their marriage when the moon is in Aries? Due to the fact that Aries - the first sign of the zodiac, in marriage as both spouses will challenge the primacy and leadership of his "I".

Most likely you will be the first pair around, including their surroundings, give birth to the first child to be provided with housing, plant a tree, and so on.