Wedding January 16 horoscope


The Union, concluded in the period when the Moon is under the influence of the sign Virgo, just doomed to the test everyday problems. Avoid all the obstacles and overcome them will help snovidenija both partners.

Try to smooth out the unpleasant moments, to restrain anger and criticism towards your partner, avoid quarrels and conflicts.




Try not to dwell on the negative and remember only the good, but if still there is misunderstanding or conflict, try to treat everything with humor.Marriage in this day is not the best idea. A pair of dared at such responsible step in the day itself dooms itself to melancholy and depression in their relationship.

The couple can be prolonged periods of soul-searching and introspection that could have a negative impact on the relationship.

Exceptions are marriages in which the partner has a brother or a twin sister. Their marriage will be successful and the celebrations will go on top.The third phase of the moon is not the best time for marriage. Energy begins to decrease, and the wedding may seem like something wasteful and unnecessary, that can ruin relationship with your partner. For this period, will suit quiet and modest check.