Wedding January 14 horoscope

If You are young, it is necessary to abandon the wedding celebration on this day because of the immaturity and incapability to accept each other without casualties on both sides.

Unlike young couples, Mature couples can set a date for marriage registration on this day. If You decide to marry in Mature age today this marriage will be successful and will bring only positive emotions.The third phase of the moon is not the best time for marriage. Energy begins to decrease, and the wedding may seem like something wasteful and unnecessary, that can ruin relationship with your partner. For this period, will suit quiet and modest check.




If the perfect family for You is creative family, enclose the Union when the Moon is subject to the influence of the fire sign of Leo. In these families retained the sincerity and passion of the honeymoon, the couple will please each other cute surprises and gifts throughout your life together.

Your house is always full of guests, because everyone in it will seem warm and cozy. Your home can be a "family nest" which will respect parents and children, will prevail harmony and understanding