Wedding December 26 horoscope

The basis of a strong and durable Alliance concluded in the period of influence to the moon Sagittarius, like all the other marriages is trust.

Due to the fact that You will completely trust each other you will be able to constantly improve, to expand their horizons and interests. Marriage is getting stronger every year, because You will evolve and learn in each other something new.

In this Union there is a place for almost everything: religion, education, sports, philosophy, travel. Throughout life, You will accumulate pleasant memories. You will become best friends, happy people.This day is directly linked to the water, namely the sea. Try to guide the wedding as calmly as possible, it will affect the well-being and strength of the family in the future.

Include in wedding nautical theme and symbols, be sure to pair it will contribute to the strengthening and cohesion of a new family.The last, fourth phase of the moon is more suitable for reflection and planning a wedding than for its registration. During this period, better to think again and discuss all the nuances of future life together and if possible to postpone the celebration, you better do it.