Wedding December 3 horoscope

Not the best time for marriage. 3-and the lunar day can have a negative impact on the mental state of young people and trigger conflicts that can lead to scandals with unfortunate consequences.

The exception would be the couple who is not going to spend a quiet evening on the couch, and ready to seek adventure and to engage in the extreme.

Relationships institutionalized in the period of Capricorn can overcome himself and go in such relationships, which are held only by the common cause. For many it will seem the norm, but in such a relationship often forget about love and about what family happiness is to cherish and take care of it.

In this Union the partners are constantly trying to keep everything under control and to dominate, restrain their emotions, but they know how and are able to love and care about your partner.

The thing to remember is that life goes and you have to give as much love and care to your spouse.

The wedding should be planned in the same style memorable and unique.The energy of the first lunar phase is set to creation. If Your marriage does not carry negative or is not a marriage of convenience, this time is favorable for its conclusion.