Virgo and Pisces Compatibility



Dreamers-Fish - aesthetes and humanists, which has always attracted something sublime and mysterious. Women they choose to match their common ideals, because the ideal woman of Pisces - Madonna, kind, elegant, subtle, sublime and romantic. Some fish prefer the type of caring "home" of women who know how to please a delicious dinner after a hard day, listen and comfort. Some are inclined to "pure aesthetics": plan bohemian girls able at length to talk about mysticism, magic, God, and to quote the "Divine Comedy" by Dante and wonder what is there, in the next world is really going on.

Pisces adore cleanliness: both internal and physical (despite the fact that they live in a beautiful mess reminiscent of Picasso), so the female Virgo can bring them their neatness, morality, and clear sparkling eyes (distinguishing feature Dev).

Zodiac sign characteristics


Sexually in Pisces and Virgo, there is complete harmony. Maybe both of them at times lacks something sharp and new, but it happens so rarely that both partners are happy most of the time themselves and each other.

They travel a lot and talk. They are too different, so sometimes there are conflicts and petty quarrels, but all of this is easily fixed, as partners appreciate and love each other.

Virgo woman fell in love with her man for his extraordinary sensitivity, vulnerability, empathy and desire to help those who are ill. Virgo internally itself tends to help, and she sees in Pisces repeatedly reinforced own desire and aspiration. Man-Fish same values darling for her rational mind, intelligence, purity and reliability, although the practicality of his companion at times frustrating man born under this sign.