Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility



There are many positive features of Aquarius. But the Virgin for a relationship with him what is important. Aquarius - selfish and loves when taking care of him. Virgo win its economic, household skills and care. Do not wait for his return - he was "on the wave", thinking how to improve humanity, and does not notice that the Virgin may be tired or pribolet. So, before you meet with Aquarius, think - if you need it?

If Virgo still wants to get its Aquarius, it needs to be in his eyes, first of all, caring hostess. And not only have to take it, but also his friends. Aquarius enjoy streamlined way of life of the Virgin, where he and his friends are always welcome.

Aquarius likes to flirt. Virgo is witty and knows how to play nice and incendiary words. At the beginning of dating is a good support to interest Aquarius.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Uranus - the patron of Aquarius - is considered the highest expression of Mercury - the patron saint of the Virgin. Therefore the Blessed Virgin is, something to learn from Aquarius. In an ideal pair of Virgo looks at the world increasingly becomes insight, her mind seeks to address not only practical problems. Virgo in alliance with Aquarius raises intelligence to the maximum. Aquarius this relationship too much to give on the mental plane, he learns to combine their ideas with reality. His revolutionary ideas are closer to reality and can be implemented.

But you need to Aquarius renounced selfishness and consumerism of the Virgin.

Established way of life in a good pair of Virgo and Aquarius is rare - both are interested in things that are "above" domestic problems. Children for them - not a prerequisite of happiness, they feel good together.