Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility



Sagittarius loves to teach and share the philosophical views and ideas. Virgo is able to support such conversations, so the beginning of their relationship is often not romantic, and based on mutual intellectual interests. Smarter than will a female Virgo, the more she knows - the more her chances to win Sagittarius. But it must be remembered: her knowledge - in order to understand the idea of Sagittarius and complementary items, and not to argue with him.

Sagittarius loves freedom and adventure. About this Virgo must remember when she wants to ask him to not live with such a large scale. Sagittarius will not change, but instead considers the Virgin boring and fresh. The same applies to gifts: Sagittarius likes to do them generously, and Virgo must learn to adequately take expensive gifts and courtship, and not to teach Sagittarius economy - instead he finds himself a magnificent woman.

Zodiac sign characteristics


On the side is a pair in which both people have balanced, smoothed its own distinctive features. Hospitable, generous, curious Sagittarius becomes more serious and discreet in their impulses, and the tediousness of the Virgin (sorry, its love of order and certainty) softened optimistic view of the world.

Both get a lot for self-development. Sagittarius (who is fond of philosophical vision of the world, any philosophical system and assess everything that learns) learns to accept information impartially. He understands the importance of the little things, the details and know how to reconcile the idea with its practical application. Virgin, on the contrary, for the individual learns to see the forest trees. Fragmented, consisting of separate parts the world becomes for her whole.

However, different interests and tastes of these people do not give even a perfect pair of special cordiality and understanding. This is - a pair of like-minded colleagues, but not relatives.