Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility



Scorpios are passionate, strong people, who often harm themselves. But sometimes they are periods of peace, and then they want to close was someone reliable. Calm and reasonable people will make their lives safer. Not that they were afraid of the dangers, but they need a place to rest. That place will become their home with the Virgin. Therefore, even before the Scorpio offered to live with him, often need to invite him into the house, especially in the moments of his inner irritation. Calm, clear mind of the Virgin, its practicality and ability to live "quietly" very attractive to Scorpio.

Interestingly develops intimate life of Scorpio and Virgo. Scorpions prefer passionate mates, but chastity, inner purity and some cool Virgin intrigue them and challenge them. They want to break the Snow Queen, feel the passion to make the Virgin. If Virgo not a prude, in the intimate sphere have everything goes well. And at the first stage of relations she did not need to pretend tempted seductress. Her calm and cleanliness, physical and moral, attract Scorpio.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Virgo and Scorpio are very peaceful relations not resembling Scorpio relationship with other women. Virgin do not need emotional meltdown, passion and deep feelings. She is happy when there is stability in the relationship. Reliability and loyalty to friends, which is famous for its man-Scorpio, it is quite suitable. Scorpio also appreciates the quiet harbor, where he was always welcome.

In an ideal pair Virgo learned not to find fault, and not to give the partner instructions. A Scorpio control his sexual temperament and is quite pleased with it. Both valued partner as a source of stability and understanding.

An important part of a strong relationship become finances. Both signs are able to manage money, and a row over budget allocation they are rare. Over the years, the couple grows well-being, although of great wealth and luxury they rarely achieve: both are more concerned prudent housekeeping than multiplication.

Scorpio man - a true leader. He needs to live a full life, to discover new things, fight the enemies and go to success. If it is satisfied that the Virgin organizes it reliable life - the couple will be solid. But I want to Scorpio and moral support and understanding, he is interested in a female companion in his tumultuous adventures. Virgo is not suitable for this role. And then it starts Scorpio "correct." He manipulates, Tirana, prints it out of balance. He wants her to give an emotional response and not hide behind eternal rezonёrstvom.

But Virgo is self-sufficient. With the threat to its stability, it does not enter into the battle and retreat, leaving. As soon as it becomes visible in Scorpio threat, it will go. It is unlikely that it will keep, Virgo is not afraid of being alone.