Virgo and Libra Compatibility



Beautiful elegant woman with a charming smile and train fans - that is the ideal of Libra. This man hates screams, loud voice and a public showdown. Does not suffer when he is under pressure: God forbid you even thought about how to impose Libra opinion. Scales instantly oppose and will do anything to spite or to argue.

The main difficulty when meeting is to present yourself as a self-sufficient and independent person, but to keep the Libran sense of superiority over you. Libra hate to feel flawed.

Sexual compatibility is not bad. Both are chilly, and both times when the flash of passion, sometimes at different times - it allows you to save a certain variety.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Female and male Virgo Libra - quite an unusual combination. This quiet couple. Here rationalism and empiricism Virgo Libra restrains the desire for change, creates a solid foundation for family life. Both spouses intellectuals, they enjoy spending time together - this pair is never bored with each other. As long as the Virgo begins to preach. But the man Libra smiles at her, and the problem will be solved. Libra man brings to the relationship sensuality and emotion, which is lacking in Virgo.

And the man and woman in the couple love beautiful things, they need to talk, to share opinions with each other. "Virgo-Libra" - one of the strongest pairs: if they "came" to the official registration of the relationship, the probability of divorce in the future is minimal.

Decent boring Virgin able to drive in the coffin anyone. Where tactfully keep silent Libra, Virgo necessarily make a remark. It will be extremely fair and objective, but still it remains annoying remark. Scales as cardinal sign, hate comments and those who make them. No, of course they will be very grateful, but still the first offense.

You may also experience differences and financial grounds. Virgin are very careful with money and prefer them to save, invest and protect, while Libra love to spend it.