Virgo and Virgo Compatibility



In any way. Rare woman manages to seduce a man-Virgin: 99% of the representative of this zodiac sign is the stereotype of what should be the ideal woman, and if you do not meet him, to hold Dev You can not. The ideal woman Dev - decent, smart, sensible, with beautiful hair and light eyes.

Dev hardly a passionate lovers: they are not asexual, but somehow too stable, traditional and predictable. However, sometimes they might be a real surge of passion next to those they love and trust enough to stop a close.

Perfect Match - Union intellectuals who appreciate each other's company, have similar tastes and outlooks on life. Both gladly watch over health and discuss the book Kafka - in a word, doing so would cause boredom among others. Who else but themselves Dev satisfied with each other and their cozy world.

Zodiac sign characteristics


They like order, cleanliness and thoroughness that they find in each other and in their own homes.

The main difficulty is that sometimes it is impossible to predict how will the relations of these two people. Some of the Virgin can be perfectly happy together, while others may ka nag nagging each other and caustic comments. It all depends on how strong their feelings (and feelings are strong, if rational people like Virgin, pay attention to each other) and how partners are ready to open.

Sometimes they get bored with each other - not intellectually, oh no, but mentally. All Virgos like heat and participation, no matter how cold and aloof, they did not seem outwardly, and at the same time Virgin afraid to make a step forward for fear of being misunderstood or rejected.