Virgo and Leo Compatibility



Leo likes spectacular and elegant woman, combining the virtues of integrity and honesty, with a sensual sexuality. Leos love to come to the public, so you liked Leo can safely invite to the party. Active life position and positive also impressed by a man born under the constellation of Leo. Representatives of this star sign love when they are treated with understanding, admiration and laugh at their jokes.

Leo loves to protect and care for, but he should not immediately show my weakness. Virgos are also at the beginning of dating do not try to make fun of Leo, point to his sometimes overly theatrical behavior: Lions pretty touchy.

These people have good sexual compatibility. Leo, at first eager to hit the darling technically rough sex, soon calm down when you realize that his woman prefers a more relaxed attitude.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Man-Lion gladly takes the lead in this union: he - the head of the family, and the Virgin - his rear and advisor. The woman in this pair often manage finances, is addressing domestic issues and ensures that the house always reigned cleanliness and comfort.

Her advice is always good, appropriate and well thought out, so Leo highly appreciates them and listens to the Virgin. Virgo calmer than Leo and less prone to pathos and officialdom, because she prefers to be at home, waiting for the return of the chosen one from the next corporate party or business trip. Returning from society, Leo necessarily share experiences and visit on the way he lacked the Virgin.

The main difficulty - the criticality of the Virgin, injuring pride Lion. Leos love romance and often spend enormous sums for exotic and unique gifts for loved ones, and, of course, themselves. Virgo can not hesitate to criticize such a gift, thereby hurting deeply Lion spend on this gift a lot of time, money and invest in his soul.

Virgo can systematically harass Leo nagging at home, pointing to its shortcomings, as well as casually observing that it would be better to do otherwise. Leo, do not get the location of a share of admiration or loses confidence and closes, or starts looking for support on the side.