Virgo and Cancer Compatibility



Cancer women are attracted undines: long-haired, reliable and loyal to the grave. In Cancer strong mother archetype: the man will always look for a woman like his mother.

Quiet bright-eyed Virgo leaves Raku chance: he reaches out to her, instinctively feeling her calm, restraint and reliability.

Cancer - a wonderful man: he seems so mysterious, sensitive and well-mannered, that you can not resist him. The man born under this sign are used to achieve their goals and get what they want. Cancer - selfish, it requires the full commitment of the Lady, while he prefers the freedom and independence - it's amazing, because at the same time Cancer appreciates family and children.

Sex in Virgo and Cancer gentle and sensual.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Good enough promising union. Raku like to patronize the Virgin: beside her, he feels a strong man, while the Virgin attracts sensual and deeply hidden emotional Cancer.

Male Cancer and Virgo woman gladly discuss economic problems and save - someone does seem a waste of youth and too boring, but this pair has a chance to put together a little capital and comfortably in your old age.

Family finances are often in charge of the Virgin that suits cancer because Virgo - a born banker, and perhaps no one manages to handle your money so practical as her.

The problem typical of Cancer - a tendency to escape from reality, as expressed in excessive enthusiasm forbidden substances, alcohol or computer games. Virgin is not necessary to push a loved one on this track misunderstanding and constant criticism, but also should not be a blind eye to these weaknesses, if any: the farther comes Cancer, the harder it is to come back.