Virgo and Gemini Compatibility



If Virgo and Gemini have paid attention to each other - it was out of boredom and desire to try something new, to get acquainted with not so similar to their own person.

Geminis like slender, swift, educated and knowledgeable women who can keep the conversation on any topic. The ideal woman Gemini should also have optimism and calm voice (Gemini can not stand the screaming and talking in a raised voice). At first glance, Virgo possesses all these qualities, but the crucial role played by the difference of temperaments, the difference of habits, attitudes and interests. In addition, the Twins are in no hurry to issue the relations that can irritate the Virgin and make her doubt the sincerity of the emotions of her companion.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Sexual compatibility is satisfactory. Special delight is not expected, but no one will be disappointed.

People need very much love each other to stay together, being so different. This combination is good for business and the relationship of the "teacher - student", but not for love.

In an ideal pair of Gemini and Virgo have learned to accept each other for what it is, and even admire all the features of a partner, not including the most similar to their own. Twins Virgin respect for its practicality. They left no attempt to interfere with the economic issues and give advice in all matters - Virgo cope with them is excellent. Virgin fascinates bold and brilliant mind of Gemini and unexpected findings.

Yet the basis of this pair - not a common way of life or interests. If Virgo man lives with twin more than 4 years, which means that they have found their true love, sent from above, and the ability to overcome everything. Take care of her.