Virgo and Taurus Compatibility



Taurus men pay attention to luxury and uninhibited girls, but fall in love and marry a smart, calm and business - in fact with this type of Taurus woman feels most comfortable.

Taurus attracts balance and a classic sense of style of Virgo, while Virgo woman draws attention to the Taurus and humor ... a kind of confusion in his image. And, of course, as the Earth woman, Virgo appreciates a sense of self-confidence radiated Taurus.

Virgo and Taurus good compatibility in sex, but too mundane relation to the physical act of Taurus and his jokes on this topic may be slightly warp female Virgin, for which love - this is something serious and sacred.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Perfect Match - a strong alliance based on mutual calculation. Many warps such a definition, but other couples rapidly meet, marry and divorce as violently, while Virgo and Taurus live happily together for many years, basking in the rays do not flame, but warm and good feelings. Perhaps this union can be described more as an ordinary human happiness.

Both love the earth, so often this pair of old age acquires its own country house - good thrift Taurus allows. They love to talk about money, about plans for the future, that you need to buy into their home and how to educate their children - they are happy with simple things, they well with each other and do not have to pretend to be what they are not.

Taurus, oddly enough, is much more tolerant of the Virgin and indulgent treat her grumbling and complaints about the mess ... for the time being. Well, if Virgo infuriate Taurus - the release will be huge, and reconciliation will take a long time.

Taurus also does not tolerate criticism. Paradoxically, Taurus loves critical sensible people, but one of them would criticize him, you will not find it a little.

The couple little problems: the main difficulty, perhaps, is the so-called "midlife crisis" when a person begins to desire enchanting passion and adventure. Alas, the proportion of sion not pass even such a reasonable and "home" people like Virgo and Taurus.