Virgo and Pisces Compatibility



Dreamers-Fish - aesthetes and humanists, which has always attracted something sublime and mysterious. Women they choose to match their common ideals, because the ideal woman of Pisces - Madonna, kind, elegant, subtle, sublime and romantic. Some fish prefer the type of caring "home" of women who know how to please a delicious dinner after a hard day, listen and comfort. Some are inclined to "pure aesthetics": plan bohemian girls able at length to talk about mysticism, magic, God, and to quote the "Divine Comedy" by Dante and wonder what is there, in the next world is really going on.

Pisces adore cleanliness: both internal and physical (despite the fact that they live in a beautiful mess reminiscent of Picasso), so the female Virgo can bring them their neatness, morality, and clear sparkling eyes (distinguishing feature Dev).

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Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility



There are many positive features of Aquarius. But the Virgin for a relationship with him what is important. Aquarius - selfish and loves when taking care of him. Virgo win its economic, household skills and care. Do not wait for his return - he was "on the wave", thinking how to improve humanity, and does not notice that the Virgin may be tired or pribolet. So, before you meet with Aquarius, think - if you need it?

If Virgo still wants to get its Aquarius, it needs to be in his eyes, first of all, caring hostess. And not only have to take it, but also his friends. Aquarius enjoy streamlined way of life of the Virgin, where he and his friends are always welcome.

Aquarius likes to flirt. Virgo is witty and knows how to play nice and incendiary words. At the beginning of dating is a good support to interest Aquarius.

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Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility



Capricorn men enjoy all the features of devego character. Need to be myself, and Capricorn will certainly appreciate it. He likes the discretion of the Virgin, its reliability and peace of mind. He is glad that she is not seeking violent adventure. In her behavior, he will assess the shyness, courtesy and honesty. Virgo superbly educated and knows how to keep your distance. This, too, like Capricorn, because he believes that everyone in life has its place and its role, and must adhere to them.

If Virgo works, is its "plus" - Capricorn likes to talk on business topics. Virgo housewife to find him at all if he is ready to assume financial responsibility for the family. He did not so much need close second earner, as a woman, it is reasonable to manage money, and Virgo in this gorgeous.

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Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility



Sagittarius loves to teach and share the philosophical views and ideas. Virgo is able to support such conversations, so the beginning of their relationship is often not romantic, and based on mutual intellectual interests. Smarter than will a female Virgo, the more she knows - the more her chances to win Sagittarius. But it must be remembered: her knowledge - in order to understand the idea of Sagittarius and complementary items, and not to argue with him.

Sagittarius loves freedom and adventure. About this Virgo must remember when she wants to ask him to not live with such a large scale. Sagittarius will not change, but instead considers the Virgin boring and fresh. The same applies to gifts: Sagittarius likes to do them generously, and Virgo must learn to adequately take expensive gifts and courtship, and not to teach Sagittarius economy - instead he finds himself a magnificent woman.

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Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility



Scorpios are passionate, strong people, who often harm themselves. But sometimes they are periods of peace, and then they want to close was someone reliable. Calm and reasonable people will make their lives safer. Not that they were afraid of the dangers, but they need a place to rest. That place will become their home with the Virgin. Therefore, even before the Scorpio offered to live with him, often need to invite him into the house, especially in the moments of his inner irritation. Calm, clear mind of the Virgin, its practicality and ability to live "quietly" very attractive to Scorpio.

Interestingly develops intimate life of Scorpio and Virgo. Scorpions prefer passionate mates, but chastity, inner purity and some cool Virgin intrigue them and challenge them. They want to break the Snow Queen, feel the passion to make the Virgin. If Virgo not a prude, in the intimate sphere have everything goes well. And at the first stage of relations she did not need to pretend tempted seductress. Her calm and cleanliness, physical and moral, attract Scorpio.

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Virgo and Libra Compatibility



Beautiful elegant woman with a charming smile and train fans - that is the ideal of Libra. This man hates screams, loud voice and a public showdown. Does not suffer when he is under pressure: God forbid you even thought about how to impose Libra opinion. Scales instantly oppose and will do anything to spite or to argue.

The main difficulty when meeting is to present yourself as a self-sufficient and independent person, but to keep the Libran sense of superiority over you. Libra hate to feel flawed.

Sexual compatibility is not bad. Both are chilly, and both times when the flash of passion, sometimes at different times - it allows you to save a certain variety.

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Virgo and Virgo Compatibility



In any way. Rare woman manages to seduce a man-Virgin: 99% of the representative of this zodiac sign is the stereotype of what should be the ideal woman, and if you do not meet him, to hold Dev You can not. The ideal woman Dev - decent, smart, sensible, with beautiful hair and light eyes.

Dev hardly a passionate lovers: they are not asexual, but somehow too stable, traditional and predictable. However, sometimes they might be a real surge of passion next to those they love and trust enough to stop a close.

Perfect Match - Union intellectuals who appreciate each other's company, have similar tastes and outlooks on life. Both gladly watch over health and discuss the book Kafka - in a word, doing so would cause boredom among others. Who else but themselves Dev satisfied with each other and their cozy world.

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Virgo and Leo Compatibility



Leo likes spectacular and elegant woman, combining the virtues of integrity and honesty, with a sensual sexuality. Leos love to come to the public, so you liked Leo can safely invite to the party. Active life position and positive also impressed by a man born under the constellation of Leo. Representatives of this star sign love when they are treated with understanding, admiration and laugh at their jokes.

Leo loves to protect and care for, but he should not immediately show my weakness. Virgos are also at the beginning of dating do not try to make fun of Leo, point to his sometimes overly theatrical behavior: Lions pretty touchy.

These people have good sexual compatibility. Leo, at first eager to hit the darling technically rough sex, soon calm down when you realize that his woman prefers a more relaxed attitude.

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Virgo and Cancer Compatibility



Cancer women are attracted undines: long-haired, reliable and loyal to the grave. In Cancer strong mother archetype: the man will always look for a woman like his mother.

Quiet bright-eyed Virgo leaves Raku chance: he reaches out to her, instinctively feeling her calm, restraint and reliability.

Cancer - a wonderful man: he seems so mysterious, sensitive and well-mannered, that you can not resist him. The man born under this sign are used to achieve their goals and get what they want. Cancer - selfish, it requires the full commitment of the Lady, while he prefers the freedom and independence - it's amazing, because at the same time Cancer appreciates family and children.

Sex in Virgo and Cancer gentle and sensual.

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Virgo and Gemini Compatibility



If Virgo and Gemini have paid attention to each other - it was out of boredom and desire to try something new, to get acquainted with not so similar to their own person.

Geminis like slender, swift, educated and knowledgeable women who can keep the conversation on any topic. The ideal woman Gemini should also have optimism and calm voice (Gemini can not stand the screaming and talking in a raised voice). At first glance, Virgo possesses all these qualities, but the crucial role played by the difference of temperaments, the difference of habits, attitudes and interests. In addition, the Twins are in no hurry to issue the relations that can irritate the Virgin and make her doubt the sincerity of the emotions of her companion.

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Virgo and Taurus Compatibility



Taurus men pay attention to luxury and uninhibited girls, but fall in love and marry a smart, calm and business - in fact with this type of Taurus woman feels most comfortable.

Taurus attracts balance and a classic sense of style of Virgo, while Virgo woman draws attention to the Taurus and humor ... a kind of confusion in his image. And, of course, as the Earth woman, Virgo appreciates a sense of self-confidence radiated Taurus.

Virgo and Taurus good compatibility in sex, but too mundane relation to the physical act of Taurus and his jokes on this topic may be slightly warp female Virgin, for which love - this is something serious and sacred.

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Virgo and Aries Compatibility



Aries hates falsehood, but at the same time, Give him all bright, attractive and desirable, something that everyone around envious.

You can apply makeup catchy, flirt with all around, but often this behavior is abhorrent to the Virgin and unnatural for her, because Virgo also appreciate sincerity in relations. Would the Virgin false, and does not recognize whether Aries her tricks?

When Aries and Virgo still noticed each other, between them there is something misty and mysterious: no one can predict for sure how will develop an intimate relationship in this pair. The head of Aries sometimes exhausting Virgin, and it simultaneously attracts and repels her coldness and tension: Male Aries often does not understand that feelings can prove not only sex. Yet their attracts each other.

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