Тaurus and Аries compatibility



A pair of male and female Aries-Taurus looks decent and happy. In it one finds what he needs. Woman gets much more active and courageous than she, partner and protector, the man - a reliable rear, because no one knows how to build a life and take care of your man as it does a woman Taurus.

If they start a family, it will be successful. Aries sets the direction in which the family ship should sail and Taurus delivers his daily needs. Therefore, the non-poor and affluent family, life adjusted, in a quiet and well maintained family children to be proud parents. This couple never content with what already has - Aries sets new goals and new, and they with Taurus not only retain what is, but also acquire new wealth (both spiritual and material).

In a couple of good sexual harmony, full agreement on health and hygiene, so that the two most mature years to keep fit, toned and youthful appearance

Both signs - leaders. Assertive man, he needs to get a grip now, immediately and instantly. Woman stubbornly defends his opinion, and Aries subordinates slowly starve, giving the details. A couple may ignite serious war. Aries will be pounding his fist on the table, Taurus - to do things their own way, and in no time at all to put Aries face the fact that it has long been - a leader in the pair, but he did not notice until recently.

Most often, a couple of Aries and Taurus combine enough meaningful things: a strong sexual attraction, general outlook on life, financial or social benefits. Therefore, they do not want to leave, they continue to quarrel, to find out who's in charge, but they remain together. Aries becomes tough and aggressive, Taurus - incredibly stubborn and slow. Such relationships do not go for them, moreover they can not even move away from each other, keeping the outward appearance of relations and living separate lives - both see in a partner challenge, but both can not pass that hurt their self-esteem.