Тaurus and Рisces compatibility



It's funny that on the part of such a pair of Union looks optimistic, cheerful, resilient people, although none Taurus or Pisces are not singular merry fellows. But if life does not drive them into a corner, both in humans demonstrate a good mood and not in others devote their care. Pisces and Taurus - a lot of support for each other, and their lives are going well, so familiar to see them happy and cheerful.

Man-Fish gets paired primarily material welfare. Taurus woman is able to create a cozy and reasonably handle your money. It surrounds Pisces comfort. If Pisces spiritual development, in addition they receive a good opportunity to self, no longer isolate itself from the material world and learn to combine romance with pragmatism.

Taurus woman finds her wings, she is not obsessed with greed. Fish tell her compliments, share dreams and Taurus allow yourself to be more romantic and emotional.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Taurus woman is reliable and ready for close to much. But it is very specific and not thinking the things that are not. So that she could help and support she needs to see what the problem is. A male fish often goes into his inner world, its problems are not related to real life and relate only to psychology. Taurus does not deny the importance of the inner life, but the gift of telepathy, alas, is not.

And here is the situation: a man isolated, separated himself from her and all kind of shows that it is bad. A woman does not see in the world around us is nothing dangerous, and its per capita fish are not allowed. Taurus at a loss - from her waiting for something, but what? Fish in the grievance - a favorite does not want to help! If Taurus will not stand it imposed guilt and also offended the first reconciliation, it will not go. Pisces is merciful to the poor, but with a strong woman they too can leap for joy pride. So, resenting each other, the couple can come to a parting.