Тaurus and Аquarius compatibility



They live as if each and all at the same time. On the one hand, both have learned not to educate each other and to respect other people's personal space. In this - the main secret of the fact that they can live together. After Aquarius loves freedom and new things, and Taurus is stable and jealous. If they started to press against each other, the matter would have ended rupture of relations. But on the other hand, Aquarius becomes confident, not afraid to go forward and get reliable support, and Taurus, thanks to my man becomes bolder in dreams and can put those (even practical) goals, which previously would have thought.

They give each other a little directly, but their presence in the life partner make it more successful and stronger. And when you consider that both - fixed signs, different consistency in their beliefs and habits, you will not have to wonder what they are able to be together for a long time, do not seek to end this relationship and find someone "better".

Zodiac sign characteristics


The man-of Aquarius may appear to claim Taurus because she does not share his interests and too mundane. What drew him to her, now becomes the cause of reproach. Why and when this might happen? Only when pragmatism Taurus started something Aquarius way. Therefore it is not surprising therefore, for example, situations where Aquarius, promised favorite sprocket from the sky, birthday or anniversary dating leaves her without a gift, and even reproaches commercialism.

The woman herself too from time to time have a hard time. She hates it when something interferes with their way of her life. But Aquarius does so with surprising regularity. If it fails to deliver the border between the part of life that Aquarius is involved, and the one where he turn not, cease to fulfill their duties and will not be able to achieve their goals: her life will be a string of unpredictable events that she can not control .