Тaurus and Сapricorn compatibility



The outer pair of Taurus and Capricorn looks relaxed and happy, they do not amuse others stormy scenes and family scandals. In fact, within the couple goes very active, turbulent life. Characters Taurus and Capricorn is intertwined and sounded in unison, then complement each other, contradict and everyone is looking for a new, to resolve the conflict. This is - a pair of permanent internal growth.

At the highest level Capricorn sets the tone in the relationship and "the shots" and quieter adjusted to the Taurus and it changes its behavior to show the independence of her laziness. A little deeper you can see how softens Capricorn Taurus and teaches him how to get pleasure from life. Sometimes, on the contrary, Taurus Capricorn teaches to be tougher and more assertive.

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If Taurus able to fully awaken Mars Capricorn, the pair is guaranteed and more harmonious and passionate sex life for all the years until they are together.

Both of these signs need the result. They set a goal (and more often for two this makes Capricorn) and together go to her. But what to do when there is no goal? They can not just live, just relax and enjoy the present day. During such periods, begin to appear the worst features of both. It is especially difficult for Taurus - she might find an outlet in the pleasures of good food, beautiful clothes and a pleasant stay, but without a goal Capricorn gets closed and dark.

The fact that the Taurus woman will not fight with Capricorn for starring in the pair. She willingly give strong leadership and smart Capricorn. But at the time of loss, it will not be able to quickly rebuild their behavior (it is inert and bad habits change) and take a leadership role for themselves. But to bring it out of the impasse of Capricorn also can not - its tenderness and care about the cold will break down the wall that builds Capricorn.