Тaurus and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius will attract your elegance and sense of style, ease of communication and goodwill. This man also mark your desire for stability and firmness of opinion - it is interested in, and the initial stage of relationship problems will not arise. Much more difficult to go to the stable, long-term relationships.

Sagittarius man attracted by the opportunity to find a place to take a break from the constant struggle with something, but the marriage for Sagittarius - a cell that will deprive him of his liberty, but because it goes extremely reluctant to enter into any formal alliance. Marriage is possible if your goals and aspirations in life are the same - Sagittarius does not want to lose adherents. It is also important to convince Archer that after the wedding, you have not changed and will not acquire the habit of walking around for days at home in cucumber mask, robe and curlers. Very good from time to time change the style, haircut.

Zodiac sign characteristics


So different and yet together. Energetic optimist - Sagittarius feels confident because of his beloved. Taurus woman "feeds" the energy of Sagittarius and never ceases to amaze originality of the elect. Sagittarius develops, and his fiancee, Taurus provides a reliable rear. This alliance is not going smoothly, but if a woman is able to give freedom to the man and puts severe restrictions on communication with friends, so important for Sagittarius, any difficulties, in principle, be overcome.

This beautiful couple, both quite independent: Taurus woman is more elegant and restrained, Male Sagittarius more vivid and eccentric. Sexual compatibility is not bad, but sometimes Sagittarius Taurus tires and their tireless pursuit of novelty feelings and sensations.

As is the case with Scorpio, it is very important that the views of the partners coincide on matters of principle. Different views on work, family relationships or friendships turn into a fiasco.