Тaurus and Scorpio compatibility



Easier than ever: be yourself. Taurus woman is able to captivate any man his taste: she loves beautiful things and often looks well-groomed, stylish and presentable. Scorpio always appreciated, even if you do not speak openly. You will also interest the Scorpion your values to be not too similar to those ideals which he lives. Of course, he immediately wants you to "unravel"! And you feel the energy and power of the magnetic force of the Scorpion, designed to answer to the mystery of your charm.

Scorpion attract your calmness and kindness: perhaps the Taurus woman - the only sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius apart, able to withstand the onslaught of the Scorpion, his outbursts of jealousy and possessiveness. Moreover, her Taurus with inherent pedagogical abilities, eventually manages to subdue and "educate" his Scorpio.

Zodiac sign characteristics


She is very sensual and passionate. As for the Taurus and Scorpio for sex life is important - here there is harmony and full agreement. Both nice to look at partner to touch him. This pair is provided with passionate sex for many years. From the side it often seems that it is a union of quiet and reserved people, but passion, hidden from the outside world, and simmer.

This prosperous couple. Their home is always nice and cozy, thanks to the care of Taurus and Scorpio are found through the efforts of money. From this union are often born talented and beautiful children.

It is important that the interests of the spouses and their outlook on life, at least partially matched. Scorpio often removes or ignores everything that he does not like. Female Taurus can be confusing what her favorite does not accept some of her friends and hobbies. And this is something that is almost impossible to change. Therefore it is necessary to know the chosen closer before entering into a closer relationship.