Taurus and Libra compatibility



Male Libra needs a partner in the truest sense: someone who understands them and complements, the one who will be their "alter ego." In this role best female Taurus. In Libra and Taurus is the same planet-ruler, and therefore easy to understand Taurus Libra and Libra in Taurus immediately feel something familiar. Taurus does not need to specifically seduce Libra, wear a mask or offer benefits. Taurus woman will win a man-Libra, if it is natural and thus become genuinely interested in Libra, his views, inner world of ideas and problems.

Taurus and Libra but not in all alike, and it is - another plus. Libra needs a partner who will take over the development of relations. Taurus woman is not in a hurry, waiting for a long time, but when you realize that confident in the decision, then quickly tidy up the balance arms. Yes, in this pair and the beginning of a relationship and a marriage proposal - an initiative of Taurus. The balance may vary infinitely and never come to a decision, and Taurus tactfully but firmly will lead to the desired result.

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On the part of the leader in this pair - a woman. She points Libra, what to do, and they obediently perform. At the same time takes care of the Taurus Libra, takes care of him like a child and throughout his interests into account. How much lead Taurus, depends on her upbringing. Someone Managing Partner, Libra, without compromising his dignity, someone does not hesitate to command public. But, in any case, and Taurus and Libra suit their personal life.

The man in this union finds understanding. He forgives mistakes and ugly deeds. Often a woman takes on solving common problems, and Libra can enjoy a hassle-free life measured, which are so fond of. What attracted to Libra Taurus, more difficult to understand. At first glance, it could find a man stronger and more energetic. However, Libra often fascinating Taurus as some media available to them, abstract truth, and Taurus is associated with them life.