Тaurus and Virgo compatibility



The woman, Taurus has many features that attract the Virgin. We can say it - one big advantage, since it is not a single trait that male Virgo would not understand and did not accept. He appreciates predictable, calm and reliable women. Male Virgo can flirt, he damn charming, but it is superficial - deep down he is not the hero-lover and his liking violent passions and love of adventure. For serious relationship he is looking for the one that would be his friend and support, and will not be guessing the eternal feminine mystery. Directness in communication, softened good taste - as a female Taurus, Virgo appreciate that very highly.

Sexually, the Virgin and Taurus Compatibility average: Taurus woman loves sex and she needs it above - still Taurus - a symbol of fertility. A male Virgo is often a hypocrite and a Puritan, or, in any case, does not consider intimacy significant. Although they both - the signs of the earth with a similar energy and pulls them together. During the conquest of the Virgin Taurus is better not to rely on sex, she needed to tame their appetites, otherwise it will simply scare the Virgin.

Zodiac sign characteristics


Couple Taurus and Virgo poise, confidence in the future and financially secure. They rarely great wealth: neither Taurus, Virgo or do not like financial adventures, they lack scale. But during his life and "financial cushion" for a rainy day, they manage their money very wisely. In general, well-being in the financial sector - almost the first thing you notice around, though, because Virgo and Taurus rarely provide food for other gossip. They are calm, not demonstrative, do not show feelings in public.

They are considered boring and do not forget to mention "They found each other." That is, even in the eyes of their enemies compatibility obvious.

Male Virgo appreciates in life is the same as a woman and Taurus. But Virgo all the time worrying how not to lose valuable things for him. He is afraid of losing housing, money, work and health. Efficient and reliable female Taurus becomes the Virgin gives him support and confidence in the future.