Taurus and Leo compatibility



In an ideal pair with Taurus Leo blooms. He attracts the attention of a well-groomed appearance (no cheap chic), health and self-confidence. His companion is kept in the shadows, but does not look shy and subdued: Taurus woman - a strong personality that Leo does not suppress. Taurus is often relies on his career and success of Leo, devotes his life and miscalculates. With the support of Leo is able to achieve great heights.

Even in an ideal couple are quarreling, but they are very few people know. Leo likes to show irritation in humans, and Taurus is reserved by nature, and does not tolerate tantrums. When Leo and Taurus alone, they often discuss future steps of Leo and Taurus figure out how to organize their financial support.

When Leo and Taurus is no general way of life, they tend to argue - as a rule, because of the money. Taurus does not like a waste, and Leo loves to give generously surprises. If the common life, then saves Leo and Taurus feels that she wants to do something nice. This game is both uplifting.

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Couple Leo and Taurus often faced with two problems. The first deals with the money. Leo is generous, perhaps not always from the heart (for generosity often there is a desire to make an impression), but the fact remains that money is not the Lion saves. A Taurus can not tolerate a waste. Because of this, there are disputes, reproaches Leo Taurus in extravagance, and often - and courted other women (if the generosity of Leo was aimed at a female).

The second problem is more serious. If Taurus stronger than a lion, it can suppress it. His breadth of soul, craving for dramatic effect and a cheerful disposition perceived it as infantilism. She (the best of intentions, of course) brings in his Leo practicality and sense of proportion, but the output is obtained instead of the king of beasts devoid of gloss wet cat. With Taurus Leo is one of the greatest probability of losing their identity, especially if the lion is soft and prefers to give way not to quarrel.