Тaurus and Сancer compatibility



From the outside it pleasant, quiet, but not too open-minded people. They live their lives and rarely participate in social activities. Each of them has a purpose: to build a house, to amass good and raise children. Both stingy and do not spend the extra money on entertainment. And Cancer and Taurus are tied to the family, guests take reluctantly, much time is given to the efforts of domestic and child-rearing. Family values are more important than anything else, so they are perceived by others, above all, as a very strong family.

Sometimes friends believe that this - the union of convenience. This too can be, but we can not judge from the outside: even love each other selflessly Cancer and Taurus do not show emotions in public. If a couple is perfect, the emotions, of course, there is (although the material component of marriage still matters). Cancer is becoming more confident in themselves, not waiting for constant attacks on his sensitive soul and I am confident in the support of Taurus. A Taurus becomes softer and allows himself to be sentimental.

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If we talk about the ideal novel Cancer and Taurus, then there are a lot of understanding, from the very beginning of relations they "break away" from the company of friends and prefer to spend time together. Rest choose not expensive, cost-effective, but rarely do love each other dear and useful gifts.

Taurus woman is practical and rational. Above all, she appreciates comfort, so throwing Cancer times its annoying. She does not understand why worry, offended and sad for no reason, and, especially, to specifically look for this occasion? She would not allow her to destroy the stable and comfortable world and destroys the cancer is often very own peace of mind, making it negative emotions. Taurus woman can become a cancer support and the support, it forces to drive away from him "black thoughts", but it has never and will not be able to understand: why did he do attract into your life this negativity? Is not it better to look at the world easier? Cancer, this approach offends, he believes that Taurus can not estimate its thin psyche and emotional sensitivity.

On a typical day this failure will not bring significant harm. Cancer mourn, Taurus will try to dispel his sadness, and everyone will be happy. But if the couple for the day already have plans, Taurus will be unhappy that they break (Taurus woman does not like when something gets in her way if she had already identified the target), and Cancer will take offense to the fact that any plans for his beloved important experiences.