Тaurus and Gemini compatibility



In an ideal pair of Gemini and Taurus have some common cause or common goal. Therefore, steam and could become an ideal: they had to find common ground, humble characters, sacrifice the interests and do many other things that smoothed their contradictions. After that, they were able to notice that the partner has many advantages, it is necessary, just, for this very purpose, and for the success of the interests of business. Woman appreciated erudition and communicative Gemini, its flexibility and quick response. He realized that the reliability, practicality and calm Taurus - a godsend for living together.

People in perfect pair have almost no influence on each other, their characters remain the same. But they learn to appreciate the very personal space of another person, and admire his companion, and that is enough for a happy union.

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The part they continue to not look too good compatibility, and the more familiar surprise when a couple breaks sharply forward in the quality of life of the common circle of friends, because Taurus and Gemini went to his goal and helped it to each other.

Taurus woman from the beginning of the relationship will face the fact that the Twins will destroy its stability. They do not come in time, I have a plan, thinking one thing and in a minute - the other, and in general it seems that they are alien to the concept of "consistency". If Taurus is and will amuse, then a very short time. Very soon it will be tired from a kaleidoscope of new events and persons permanently surprises and bold ideas. This will tire her morally, but in addition, it risks becoming a failure - she used to do everything thoroughly, in its convenient for her rhythm, and this approach does not let her and, therefore, is quite good. And suddenly it breaks the rhythm, and she was offered a very different - a strange and uncomfortable. As a result of haste it will be understood, to absorb and make less than before.