Тaurus and Тaurus compatibility



Taurus man-woman love his mark at a glance. He pretty her composure, poise and good taste. The more time they spend together, the better it learns and finds a similarity to it. This man is not looking for someone who would have been different, who stirred up and worried about him, who would make life unpredictable and bright. On the contrary, he will be very happy to meet a woman with similar interests and do not want to part with it.

Be sure to check man-Taurus with his views on money. It is fully endorse your manner of their making and to dispose of them, and the money - this is an important topic for him. He certainly appreciates the attitude of his lady to finance.

We can not say that, in addition to the similarity of characters in two calves strong physical attraction to each other. Taurus man delighted with the women of Taurus, it is - the embodiment of his ideas about sexual woman.

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On the part of the couple seems boring: Well, how can you live a measured and orderly life? After all, there are so many interesting things! Taurus themselves consider their life best: they have established way of life, there is a consensus on financial issues, they are confident in the future and they have excellent sex. What more needs to be happy? Taurus, living with a "half" of their same sign - the most healthy (mentally and physically) people.

Even before marriage, during a romantic rendezvous, Taurus surprise friends extraordinary agreement in the pair. In fact, they have, of course, too, there are disputes, but rarely, but the Taurus is not satisfied at the time of scenes from "smashing dishes", and decides whether the world. No matter how many Taureans together a few days or decades, they agree on most issues and look very harmonious.