Тaurus and Аries compatibility



A pair of male and female Aries-Taurus looks decent and happy. In it one finds what he needs. Woman gets much more active and courageous than she, partner and protector, the man - a reliable rear, because no one knows how to build a life and take care of your man as it does a woman Taurus.

If they start a family, it will be successful. Aries sets the direction in which the family ship should sail and Taurus delivers his daily needs. Therefore, the non-poor and affluent family, life adjusted, in a quiet and well maintained family children to be proud parents. This couple never content with what already has - Aries sets new goals and new, and they with Taurus not only retain what is, but also acquire new wealth (both spiritual and material).

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Тaurus and Рisces compatibility



It's funny that on the part of such a pair of Union looks optimistic, cheerful, resilient people, although none Taurus or Pisces are not singular merry fellows. But if life does not drive them into a corner, both in humans demonstrate a good mood and not in others devote their care. Pisces and Taurus - a lot of support for each other, and their lives are going well, so familiar to see them happy and cheerful.

Man-Fish gets paired primarily material welfare. Taurus woman is able to create a cozy and reasonably handle your money. It surrounds Pisces comfort. If Pisces spiritual development, in addition they receive a good opportunity to self, no longer isolate itself from the material world and learn to combine romance with pragmatism.

Taurus woman finds her wings, she is not obsessed with greed. Fish tell her compliments, share dreams and Taurus allow yourself to be more romantic and emotional.

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Тaurus and Аquarius compatibility



They live as if each and all at the same time. On the one hand, both have learned not to educate each other and to respect other people's personal space. In this - the main secret of the fact that they can live together. After Aquarius loves freedom and new things, and Taurus is stable and jealous. If they started to press against each other, the matter would have ended rupture of relations. But on the other hand, Aquarius becomes confident, not afraid to go forward and get reliable support, and Taurus, thanks to my man becomes bolder in dreams and can put those (even practical) goals, which previously would have thought.

They give each other a little directly, but their presence in the life partner make it more successful and stronger. And when you consider that both - fixed signs, different consistency in their beliefs and habits, you will not have to wonder what they are able to be together for a long time, do not seek to end this relationship and find someone "better".

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Тaurus and Сapricorn compatibility



The outer pair of Taurus and Capricorn looks relaxed and happy, they do not amuse others stormy scenes and family scandals. In fact, within the couple goes very active, turbulent life. Characters Taurus and Capricorn is intertwined and sounded in unison, then complement each other, contradict and everyone is looking for a new, to resolve the conflict. This is - a pair of permanent internal growth.

At the highest level Capricorn sets the tone in the relationship and "the shots" and quieter adjusted to the Taurus and it changes its behavior to show the independence of her laziness. A little deeper you can see how softens Capricorn Taurus and teaches him how to get pleasure from life. Sometimes, on the contrary, Taurus Capricorn teaches to be tougher and more assertive.

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Тaurus and Sagittarius compatibility



Sagittarius will attract your elegance and sense of style, ease of communication and goodwill. This man also mark your desire for stability and firmness of opinion - it is interested in, and the initial stage of relationship problems will not arise. Much more difficult to go to the stable, long-term relationships.

Sagittarius man attracted by the opportunity to find a place to take a break from the constant struggle with something, but the marriage for Sagittarius - a cell that will deprive him of his liberty, but because it goes extremely reluctant to enter into any formal alliance. Marriage is possible if your goals and aspirations in life are the same - Sagittarius does not want to lose adherents. It is also important to convince Archer that after the wedding, you have not changed and will not acquire the habit of walking around for days at home in cucumber mask, robe and curlers. Very good from time to time change the style, haircut.

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Тaurus and Scorpio compatibility



Easier than ever: be yourself. Taurus woman is able to captivate any man his taste: she loves beautiful things and often looks well-groomed, stylish and presentable. Scorpio always appreciated, even if you do not speak openly. You will also interest the Scorpion your values to be not too similar to those ideals which he lives. Of course, he immediately wants you to "unravel"! And you feel the energy and power of the magnetic force of the Scorpion, designed to answer to the mystery of your charm.

Scorpion attract your calmness and kindness: perhaps the Taurus woman - the only sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius apart, able to withstand the onslaught of the Scorpion, his outbursts of jealousy and possessiveness. Moreover, her Taurus with inherent pedagogical abilities, eventually manages to subdue and "educate" his Scorpio.

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Taurus and Libra compatibility



Male Libra needs a partner in the truest sense: someone who understands them and complements, the one who will be their "alter ego." In this role best female Taurus. In Libra and Taurus is the same planet-ruler, and therefore easy to understand Taurus Libra and Libra in Taurus immediately feel something familiar. Taurus does not need to specifically seduce Libra, wear a mask or offer benefits. Taurus woman will win a man-Libra, if it is natural and thus become genuinely interested in Libra, his views, inner world of ideas and problems.

Taurus and Libra but not in all alike, and it is - another plus. Libra needs a partner who will take over the development of relations. Taurus woman is not in a hurry, waiting for a long time, but when you realize that confident in the decision, then quickly tidy up the balance arms. Yes, in this pair and the beginning of a relationship and a marriage proposal - an initiative of Taurus. The balance may vary infinitely and never come to a decision, and Taurus tactfully but firmly will lead to the desired result.

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Тaurus and Virgo compatibility



The woman, Taurus has many features that attract the Virgin. We can say it - one big advantage, since it is not a single trait that male Virgo would not understand and did not accept. He appreciates predictable, calm and reliable women. Male Virgo can flirt, he damn charming, but it is superficial - deep down he is not the hero-lover and his liking violent passions and love of adventure. For serious relationship he is looking for the one that would be his friend and support, and will not be guessing the eternal feminine mystery. Directness in communication, softened good taste - as a female Taurus, Virgo appreciate that very highly.

Sexually, the Virgin and Taurus Compatibility average: Taurus woman loves sex and she needs it above - still Taurus - a symbol of fertility. A male Virgo is often a hypocrite and a Puritan, or, in any case, does not consider intimacy significant. Although they both - the signs of the earth with a similar energy and pulls them together. During the conquest of the Virgin Taurus is better not to rely on sex, she needed to tame their appetites, otherwise it will simply scare the Virgin.

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Taurus and Leo compatibility



In an ideal pair with Taurus Leo blooms. He attracts the attention of a well-groomed appearance (no cheap chic), health and self-confidence. His companion is kept in the shadows, but does not look shy and subdued: Taurus woman - a strong personality that Leo does not suppress. Taurus is often relies on his career and success of Leo, devotes his life and miscalculates. With the support of Leo is able to achieve great heights.

Even in an ideal couple are quarreling, but they are very few people know. Leo likes to show irritation in humans, and Taurus is reserved by nature, and does not tolerate tantrums. When Leo and Taurus alone, they often discuss future steps of Leo and Taurus figure out how to organize their financial support.

When Leo and Taurus is no general way of life, they tend to argue - as a rule, because of the money. Taurus does not like a waste, and Leo loves to give generously surprises. If the common life, then saves Leo and Taurus feels that she wants to do something nice. This game is both uplifting.

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Тaurus and Сancer compatibility



From the outside it pleasant, quiet, but not too open-minded people. They live their lives and rarely participate in social activities. Each of them has a purpose: to build a house, to amass good and raise children. Both stingy and do not spend the extra money on entertainment. And Cancer and Taurus are tied to the family, guests take reluctantly, much time is given to the efforts of domestic and child-rearing. Family values are more important than anything else, so they are perceived by others, above all, as a very strong family.

Sometimes friends believe that this - the union of convenience. This too can be, but we can not judge from the outside: even love each other selflessly Cancer and Taurus do not show emotions in public. If a couple is perfect, the emotions, of course, there is (although the material component of marriage still matters). Cancer is becoming more confident in themselves, not waiting for constant attacks on his sensitive soul and I am confident in the support of Taurus. A Taurus becomes softer and allows himself to be sentimental.

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Тaurus and Gemini compatibility



In an ideal pair of Gemini and Taurus have some common cause or common goal. Therefore, steam and could become an ideal: they had to find common ground, humble characters, sacrifice the interests and do many other things that smoothed their contradictions. After that, they were able to notice that the partner has many advantages, it is necessary, just, for this very purpose, and for the success of the interests of business. Woman appreciated erudition and communicative Gemini, its flexibility and quick response. He realized that the reliability, practicality and calm Taurus - a godsend for living together.

People in perfect pair have almost no influence on each other, their characters remain the same. But they learn to appreciate the very personal space of another person, and admire his companion, and that is enough for a happy union.

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Тaurus and Тaurus compatibility



Taurus man-woman love his mark at a glance. He pretty her composure, poise and good taste. The more time they spend together, the better it learns and finds a similarity to it. This man is not looking for someone who would have been different, who stirred up and worried about him, who would make life unpredictable and bright. On the contrary, he will be very happy to meet a woman with similar interests and do not want to part with it.

Be sure to check man-Taurus with his views on money. It is fully endorse your manner of their making and to dispose of them, and the money - this is an important topic for him. He certainly appreciates the attitude of his lady to finance.

We can not say that, in addition to the similarity of characters in two calves strong physical attraction to each other. Taurus man delighted with the women of Taurus, it is - the embodiment of his ideas about sexual woman.

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