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Fate: Passionate, temperamental nature - these are the born that day. They are restless, impatient, but being a strong-willed person with a strong character, provided constant support from family and friends may achieve a high position in life. Literature, theater, music - these are the areas in which they may well show themselves.

Mystery birthday: Fans to find out the truth of birth 30 September do not miss the opportunity to present it to the general public. For them, truth is not just a reflection of the events, phenomena and facts of the world, and to a greater degree the guide to action. They belong to those who before to say something well thought of everything and let it sometimes interferes with their foreign impulsivity, they almost always have a strong case in favor of his opinion. Those born on this day, to find the truth did not hesitate for a second, pass it through itself, without worrying about what they reveal unpleasant facts.

Many who is born on this day convinced that formal education is useful only in rare cases. They believe that as a result of life experiences is often questioned, and even denies the most common theory, especially in the absence of practical confirmation of the scientific data. In their arguments almost impossible not to agree, because born on September 30 in support of their words very impressionable collect information.

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Birth 30 September attractive enough and if not for the physical parameters, then certainly his personal qualities. These people are very charming (but they is not always positive feature) that enables them to enter any door easily. Drawing attention with the help of its appearance, born September 30 closely watched for their appearance - their clothes must not only be fashionable but elegant; manners - perfect; it - literate. For continued compliance with the established image, they are willing to hide part of the truth about themselves, not a drop, not caring about the fact that this is possible only when we neglect truthfulness.

At the same time, there is a strong likelihood that birth 30 September with a special pleasure to be retreated expose, in their opinion, the truth, and even if you call it causes have been respectful. Their ongoing commitment to the exposure often leads to the fact that in the surrounding them almost at the level of instincts on the defensive. To born September 30 not to be alone they need to make as little as possible sentences, considering that can always find a counterargument that all destroy all their attempts to achieve the truth in that at all costs.

However, born on this day are good enough to defend themselves. Their self-confidence can easily ignore the attack. Meeting on the path of life a lot of difficulties, they eventually become invincible, which sometimes has a very fine line with the spiritual callousness. Invest practical, and generally dispose of them born September 30 able as anyone else. Their honesty, sometimes even exaggerated contributes to augmenting their capital.

Health: Due to the fact that birth 30 September a lot of attention to his physical perfection, they are often sensitive about their diet and physical activity. Minimize born on this day is sweet, drinking coffee, smoking and alcohol. His passion and interest in the research they should be directed to health benefits. Being talented chefs, born on this day will find the joy of enjoying the food during its preparation.

Tip: Do not forget that even with an impressive amount of knowledge, you are not always right. Try not to suppress their intelligence of other people; do not allow anyone to manipulate them; Be tolerant and more open. Keep order in the house. Do not question the commitment to people close to you.

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