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Fate: diffident, quiet, hard-working people - those who are born on this day. To achieve something, they work hard throughout their lives. Having overcome all obstacles and difficulties will still be able to achieve their goals. They undesirable early marriage, because it is unlikely to be happy. But creating a family later in life, they find happiness and peace in family life. Based on the mutual love of this union is strong.

Mystery birthday: For stability of life and position in society born September 29 constantly fighting. Sometimes they consider themselves above all, and sometimes little insects worthless and meaningless life. This is due to the fact that they have little faith in their own strength. Most of those born on this day trying to find peace in the family, but, very often without achieving mutual understanding, leaves her, opting for an isolated existence. Therefore, they become quite surly people believe that they are better then when things are very bad.

Almost all of the people born September 29 capable and attractive. But in any case they would not take, no matter where they are or were sent instability and uncertainty as a shadow chasing them. For example, working a long time in one place, and coping with the duties assigned to them in the "hurray", rising through the ranks to them still difficult. In his personal life, and beautiful novel, based on mutual understanding, where it seems everything is thought out and decided they were not complete, and give way to a more successful rival, who appears completely out of place at the last minute.

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However, born on September 29 their emotions and feelings in no hurry to flaunt. We can say that their character is something like a hurricane with a calm epicenter in the moment when everything around is crumbling. Despite the fact that those born on this day look absolutely indifferent to events, other people react to them both negative and positive. That is why they should, whenever possible, to avoid a negative attitude on the part of enemies and accidents. Once the day comes when the most successful representatives born on this day realize that their main goal - is to show itself to the world as a real extrovert. Indeed, the release of pent-up energy will have an impact on the growth of their dynamism, but only in the case of the direction of this energy in the right direction. In the case of complete dedication and devotion to family, company or organization, born September 29 are essential when driving a particular purpose. Inherent management capabilities allow us not only to coordinate and structure the activities entrusted to the organization, but also with success and ability to prudently and shrewdly manage finances. Those born on this day is rare, but tend to fluctuate between ostentatious liberalism leadership, on the one hand and rigid methods of control - on the other.

Some of those born September 29 show only one technical interest in performance of any items. Their practical skills are mainly high enough, but sometimes they are difficult to start and the final stage of a particular case. Perhaps this is due to their need and habit to develop plans, taking into account all the nuances before you start to do anything, or to their desire for a perfect result that is too much attracted their attention to the implementation of minor details. It happens that others are surprised how people are naturally gifted manage to get away from the original path in the opposite direction, thereby enabling the success of their leave. Still, it is worth born on this day to be more attentive to their career, and they can achieve extraordinary success than the surprise of others.

Health: The threat of various accidents for those born September 29 will hang over them constantly, until they realize that it is sometimes necessary to give your senses free. They should have more confidence, especially to those who are good to them concerns and wishes of good. For those born on this day characterized by strange eating habits. The diet they often extreme and based on their own perception of useful products for the person, or a specific well-defined tastes. Born September 29 healthy and balanced diet, including a simple vegetables, fruits, cereals, fish, dairy products; you can try different options and menus. With regard to motor activity, then it is not necessary to remind them - they usually like sex, dancing and various physical exercises.

Tip: Try to still conceive themselves (despite the fact that it may take a long time). His most pronounced talents use for good purposes. Be more confident. Organize your life, but not to the detriment of their spontaneity. Try to break down internal barriers and barriers.

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