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Fate: The day on 22 September born people who are given the right to choose the perfect their fate. Most of all vital events in their lives become dependent on, in rich or poor, moral or immoral family they grew up. The imprint and influence of education on them suschestvenno.V adulthood they will get a unique chance to choose your own path in life. If they just take hold of the thread, do not miss the opportunity arises, be sure to reach the desired success! Born for success that come with the years and gaining maximum independence.

Mystery birthday: People who were born on September 22, life is a creative vein constantly: they like to start something new and interesting, in terms of work, personal life, interests and hobbies. Often, they can immediately start a new project, barely completing old, while not leave yourself time to relax. In addition, they have another exclusive feature: they can do several things at the same time. Such people will never get bored in this connection they always require the presence of friends, new friends, travel to help bring extra interest to the already known things. At one point, they can be good and happy. But after a second change dramatically and become fully enclosed and inaccessible from all friends, like a stone wall fenced. Definitely, they have a strong character.

Born September 22 can often vary in relation to defensive and offensive position, because in this case is rather difficult to define the boundary. But one thing is clear: the attack is considered an excellent protection. Set in motion are available at the arguments, they try to be assertive, ironic and intelligent in order to achieve the desired. Born September 22 have an excellent sense of humor, but many of their jokes can not understand, because they may contain shades of dark and sardonic. Born September 22 can often demonstrate a lack of surrounding space. Often they have a profession distinguished character, but it may seem that what they do in their free time, can bring into their lives the sequence, and it is they really need.

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People who were born on that day, can get into risky situations, as they have a restless nature and do not like when they are ordered, these people decide on their own and can not tolerate when others point them, especially if they are people with intellect and try underestimated teach them life. Therefore, their main concern in life is not to make enemies and do not get into conflicts with colleagues.

Born on September 22 have largely unattractive appearance. But despite this, they have good and warm heart. They are trying to help, but do not tend to show people how they are generous and kind. This is due to the fact that they are mostly realistic and understands what a life, or rather its irony. Thanks to this day these people are perceptive, able to see things in a bright color. Born September 22 wonderfully able to assess a person's character, and can quite quickly see who's who from the very first glance.

They admit in your soul a few people, but they will appreciate their life, while never betray never forget. Often, it may be so that both will fall into a common parent chain. Born on September 22 tried to show spectacular, but actually they are ordinary, just that they have lofty ideals, which are not peculiar to others. It is a true warrior who try to assess the strengthening and the amount of ammunition, and the use of their quite judiciously.

Health: People born on September 22 must avoid isolation and manifestation of the doldrums. In addition, they need to try not to fall under the evil eye and violence. In connection with their inner restlessness such people can often fall into a variety of complex situations and affective states can harm located close to people.

It may sound a bit paradoxical, but in fact they have a well developed ability to healers. In addition, these people are very warm and like to eat fresh food and exotic dishes and in this connection it is necessary to follow your body, not to hurt him excessive sharp and spicy dishes. If you stick to a balanced diet, it is possible to avoid the negative consequences after excessive consumption of spicy food and drinks. People born in this day does not need to deal with complex and gentle exercise of the physical plane.

Tip: birth 22 September must be at least a little respect for those people who are open, than themselves. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your inner "me." Use a variety of points of view, before a final decision. You need time to time to dream and recharge of pure energy, then your internal reserves will be enough to accomplish big plans.

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