Birthday September  19  horoscope



Fate: In this day are born rebellious and very good nature, real fighters for justice. Often, they enjoy widespread respect and have a lot of friends. Their lives are filled with bright events and has both ups and downs. However, they are using family and true friends are always overcome the difficulties in life. His communication skills, diplomacy and love to work they achieve much in life: in the material and in the spiritual sphere, achieve stability.

The mystery of the birth: Born September 19 are very sensitive to things around them. They can be a very long time to correct a nonexistent crease on clothes or, for example, to buy unnecessary things in the last of his money, which, following fashion trends, thrown as useless in less than a year. They think through your life to own who were in detail and have the ability to create around himself clearly one functioning whole. Born September 19 admire the beauty of the world around them, but especially they admire physical beauty. Where other person pass by without feeling any emotion, they would notice the detail: the graceful curl, growing quietly in the wind, a beautiful stranger and stranger draft, noble appearance of the fallen woman who has lost all interest in life.

Dress these individuals often "a brand" and even if they decide to look ridiculous and slovenly, then do it with only one purpose - to carry out the desired impression on others during a change of scenery or costumes. In general, born September 19 scrupulously respect the tastes of their surroundings, but in obedience to the emotions, to draw attention to the person, they can dramatically change its appearance beyond recognition. For example, in old age do hairstyle "under the punk" or come to a garden party reception in a tracksuit.

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However, even if their appearance shocking the audience, it is difficult to blame the utter lack of taste. Sometimes born September 19 people believe the surface, taking into account their aspirations in any situation look your best as a cover of fashion glossy magazine. For this reason, they can remain single for a long time that brings them great suffering. After all, few people realize that for a bright picture hides a deep and feelings of nature, which passes through itself all the insults and the world.

Whatever it was, many of those born September 19 are in the middle. They burst strong desire to complete surrender to worldly pleasures and at the same time succeed in a fairly serious industries. And the key to solving this problem for these individuals is that they need at least sometimes allow themselves to plunge into the world of entertainment, but at the same time adhere to the basic rules of morality. After all, in the end, husbands and wives are not necessarily talking about all his merry adventures during working hours. Suffice it to born this day in time to come home and do not even think to leave the family because of the momentary passions.

On the other hand, have lost their morality born September 19 are more likely to be disappointed in life and become less amorous manifestations of beauty in those who used to be very attractive. In order to climb the ladder of evolution of development they will need to go through the stage of rejection of wealth, rich environment, and even to the details worked out their own image. Born on September 19, which are short of money and are forced to conduct daily struggle for survival, often show talent leave all the troubles in the past and to start successfully move up the career ladder. And often in the process of passing this way, they vary greatly. Quiet, shy and introverted personality can in just a few years to become a vibrant, prosperous and self-confident person. Born September 19 should be wary of going too far and break all the strings to the past. Maintaining contact with their roots is important for their emotional balance.

Health: born September 19 take good care of skin, hair, watching the purity of the body. However, if they want to look even better, they need to use antibacterial soap and cosmetics gippoallergennoy, eat healthy fats, drink plenty of fluids, their skin was soft. In addition to teeth, nails and hair is recommended to use calcium, zinc, lecithin, selenium and iron. Thus, the system is acceptable for their nutrition, including a variety of useful products. You should also periodically check for protein and fat. For a perfect appearance needs eight hours of sleep a night, and the absence of emotional stress.

Tip: In any situation, a stay or leave their relatives. Wary of any form of monetary dependence. Try to put first the spiritual values, develop emotional depth and loyalty.

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