Birthday September  18  horoscope



Fate: People born on September 18, able to surprise and conquer you with their determination, vigor, imagination and sense of humor. This passionate nature, which have complicated secretive temper. To achieve harmony and success in life they need to be able to curb those harsh features that are inherent in their nature, are gradually making it possible more calm and soft. Areas that are most suitable for birthdays today: medicine, science and research.

The mystery of the birth: Born September 18 - isolated and secretive nature. Often, achieving success in public professions. You can not just insinuate their confidence, their inner world is very securely hidden from prying eyes. The paradox of nature that, even completely dependent on their partner, they can at one moment to break a love relationship or friendship lasting for years, if something seems wrong to them. Born September 18 can be divided into two polar opposite categories: some of them are making a stunning success all his life pursuing failure. Very sensitive to the various manifestations of violence, cruelty, discord. This is due to the inability of birth 18 September withstand high stresses.

Their insecurity is able to surprise everyone who encounters them. Even with a bright appearance, they do not believe in themselves and their forces, sincerely thinking they are in some way inferior to others. But all is not so bad, when faced with any serious problems or failures, they are able to transform a moment and give a fitting rebuff. A person born on September 18 was used to grasp the essence of things and events. Often, in order to thoroughly study any subject they retire and become hermits.

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Too serious attitude to life makes them prone to reverie, the depth of thought and action. Most of them are paying great attention to the faith and develop in this direction, or are trying to bring to the faith of your surroundings. Any, even the most complex study does not cause them trouble. They approached this reality that requires constant attention. Naturally, it is difficult emotionally, but it makes them a little mysterious and very attractive people.

Born September 18 do not like to go back to the past. You will not be able to "awaken" in their old feelings or nostalgia for the places in which they lived. Close people born on this day, need to know exactly what time it is possible to ask this or that question, and when to leave them alone with themselves. Perhaps this is the only possible component of success in dealing with people born on this day.

Health: People born on September 18 have a tendency to chronic diseases obtained in accidents or operations. Areas that are most susceptible to disease - the abdomen, reproductive organs, kidneys and adrenal glands. I must say that the strong character enables them when a serious illness is not to panic and begin to actively resist disease. All the tests they carry with head held high and learn to live with a certain disease. Those born on this day should not be neglected in the treatment of conventional therapeutic methods as well as to control their appetites (for food and sex), and does not fall into a state of neurosis at display any symptoms of lack or, conversely, over this in their lives. Remember that you need to balance your inner energy through yoga, acupuncture, or you yourself can harm your body.

Tip: You just need to accustom themselves to a sequence in all your actions. There are times when the need for conflict is obvious. Do not ignore clues that give you your body and the body. You have a mystical kind, which sometimes burns the inner fire. Admit to your life more humor, and you will succeed!

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