Birthday September  16  horoscope



Fate: This day gives mankind a strong, self-confident individuals, for which purpose they are wings of life. But quite often born September 16 stubborn and hot-tempered people with complex arrogant character. Their candor is very offensive, so they have few friends. However, it is an innate sense of purpose and idealism make them excellent politicians and academics. Also, among those who were born on this day, there are people in the arts. Typically, the life they have provided, any activity for which they were not taken, pays dividends because those born on September 16 is often engaged in favorite business, putting in his soul.

Mystery birthday: Those born on this day are rampant assertive character, timeless defeat. If any activity awakened interest in them, we can safely say that this is where they manifest themselves as the best workers. At the same time it is alien to the pursuit of fame or recognition, they are driven by the spirit of knowledge and passion for their work.

Born September 16 endowed with inner energy, which they are happy to share with others. These companies are warm and comfortable, if they do not make excessive demands other. These people are not afraid to fight. If they want to solve some problem, they either "circumvent Mountain", or climb on it, but did not unfold ago. However, this quality can sometimes bring to the clashes with the authorities, and even by the authorities as unbreakable spirit of freedom and justice, ruled by these people in an emotional impulse. They love risk and often risk their lives and well-being, and, in vain. These people need to learn to tame your temper and say to yourself "no." Re a man born on September 16, almost the same as to forbid the sun shines. In all attempts to reason with them, they do not pay any attention. They do not give in to pressure from the outside, slipping from the hands of "well-intentioned" as nimble fish.

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Child who was born on this day is simply impossible to teach discipline and order: all attempts to become a disappointment for both sides and could even lead to the opposite result. All that can be taught this little rebel - a personal example and respect for his personality. Between management and the board should be the golden mean, the only way to make a child who was born on this day, to listen. But as an adult, 16 sentyabrenok will take an interest in public life and may even be a great leader of any team. These Virgin ready to pay any price, as long as their team won. Enter adulthood, born September 16 may well take a career teacher and mentor, because they know how to love and to share knowledge with others. But often a stumbling block to students may be, again, their arrogance and intolerance. They are very demanding of themselves and also demand that their work be respected.

Some of those who were born on this day have exaggerated ambitions, framing them in the form of endless dreams and boundless imaginations, because this world is perfect for them. Although most of them manage to keep their "Napoleon's syndrome" in check and not let the world imaginations guide them.

Health: Born September 16 easily excitable and easy-going, however, the sense of adventure and a sense of invulnerability can lead to injuries and accidents. Although this trend is only in youth, in adulthood, they become more cautious. Because they have a very pronounced emotionality, they must learn to control himself and not give vent to their emotions, because stress and general stress can bring them to chronic diseases. The food they should also be mild and do not overeat. Vegetables and fruits should make up a large part of their diet. Boiled meat, cereals, cakes should be consumed in moderation. Sexy background who was born on September 16 is very high. They have an increased libido and it must meet, if not ever want to be irritated.

Tip: If the people born on this day, will be able to learn to redirect their excess energy in the right direction, their life will be much nicer and significantly more profitable. Also, they should never lose sight of the personal goals, even if the goals of other people are important to them. But you can not rush to extremes, to cultivate harmony - is the main problem for the quality of life in all areas.

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