Birthday September  15  horoscope



Destiny: In the light of this day there are rather contradictory and ambivalent people. Fluctuations of the day such that exacerbate those personality traits that are inherent to man the most. And if this person lives, guided by the laws of morality, goodness and humanity, compassion and charity, his life would be joyful, carefree, light and safe. However, if the person brings evil, contemptuous of the people, to the near environment and the world in general, and his life will be empty and bleak.

The mystery of the birth: Born September 15 experience a constant need to find for themselves the burden minor, or, on the contrary, very heavy, as it might seem at first glance. This they do on purpose, in order to be able to study its potential. They have special skills to improve and to specialize in one area at the same time hold on the surprise complete information with regards to all areas, the boundaries of which is almost impossible to identify. Whatever role in not taking personalities, born on this day, they have a need commitment to professionalism in the industry without an additional motivation and incentives. However, their skill is a flexible and easy control, and not by a desire for perfection, which is peculiar to this sign of the zodiac.

Born September 15 are during childhood and adolescence is very shy and modest people. In some cases, this period may be delayed and up to 30 years. However, after this period you need to be careful around. After all, these people are often hidden ambition, they accumulate and sooner or later manifest themselves in varying degrees. We born on this day is usually the time is on their side, because they are willing to wait for decades, with the thoroughness improving their skills and developing their talents, systematizing their ideas and then make the leap. And despite the fact that birth 15 September often have explosive personality, allowing them to fully enjoy the pleasures of life, for this day is very characteristic reticence.

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In some situations, born September 15 may have secrets from relatives, friends, children, and spouses. At the same time, in some situations they are willing to share without shame the most cherished. Often such contradictory behavior occurs because of the need to maintain a certain image among his entourage. For example, born on this day have caused severe emotional trauma. They prefer alone to lick his wounds, instead of letting their neighbors cope with the situation. Many of birth 15 September show a thirst for money, a lot of money. However, the very wealth they are not motivated, they are attracted by the recognition and success. These individuals generally do not hesitate to get a reward for their achievements, and the amount that they actually earned. The feeling of fullness of life, reverence for the position and the ability to act freely in a society are a priority if the first place in their ideology.

For those born September 15 different manifestations of materialism, no doubt, have considerable appeal. The most prominent figures of the day have the skill to combine an alliance of spiritual and physical, while remaining kind and humane. Whatever the height they have not mastered, they are always open to spiritual influence, and it is of paramount importance for them. Those who have failed to achieve anything in life spiritually, are more likely to find themselves in a prisoner of comfort, luxury and physical gratification. They also gluttonize break away with friends to complete, indulge in debauchery.

Health: Born September 15 often suffer from excess weight, they need to carefully control it, if necessary, arrange fasting days and different diets. In addition to the excess weight they have problems with the digestive and cardiovascular systems, problems with the pancreas and gall bladder. And if born on this day want to live to a ripe old age, they should limit the use of fat, sweet, alcohol (especially dessert wines). Do not also keen on medicines. In general, born September 15 have to cope with excessive demand to show their emotions, what they are not expressed. It is better to save energy and spend on physical exercise. They are perfect sports such as running, aerobics, competitive sports.

Tip: To do its moral principles with regards to integrity. Without these principles, you will become much easier, as the leaves, developing the wind. After all, your endurance, the ability to wait, sooner or later will bring excellent results, so even with interest. Do not try to get a momentary reward predpochtёnny you compromise. And more. Try to control his physical weakness.

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