Birthday September  14  horoscope



Fate: In this day there are people in the world with a calm character. They are endowed with a sense of tact, diplomacy and communication skills. Often they have a lot of friends and acquaintances. But their desire for frequent change of activities and places creates problems in life. In addition, they sometimes wasteful. They need more serious about life, business, money, be more focused.

Mystery birthday: People born on this day are very sensitive to their surroundings. They do not care what's going on around them, they are also both defenders and critics of his time and of his homeland. They are vital to be priobschёnnymi both spiritually and physically important activities that, in their opinion, will be able to improve the living conditions for people. Their purpose - to open in stages around them people's eyes to the truth and thus help them. Orient to visual images, they are endowed with the talent to describe what they see, accessible to understanding the terms. On this day we were born many famous writers and politicians.

For example, the former president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev was born on 14 September. Also on this day they were born Paul apple, Igor Kirillov, Alexander von Humboldt, Peter Lely and Robert Cecil. Commending the work of others, they are guided by the following criteria: "The biggest opportunity in the world - it is an opportunity to improve." Therefore, they never miss an opportunity to work with a specific proposal to improve some aspects of their work or someone else's. However, they are very sensitive to criticism, and absolutely do not reckon with other people's opinion, in fact, teach others - their favorite activity.

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Born on September 14 in family life and are obedient to remain faithful to the second half, but their excessive criticism of the assessment of life is often the reason that it is they go. No one, even the most interesting conversation, it will not replace the need for home care of the household chores, as they are people of action. And they always insist that their partners were actively involved in the regeneration of life, they do not intend to engage in farming alone. Most often, born September 14 are able to separate the urgent from non-urgent cases, and they know what they need to do immediately and what can wait more. But often they are very annoyed when others act with procrastination.

Born on September 14 in the assessment of values in the first place put efficiency. They dislike of untidiness, chaos, forcing them to clean the debris and strengthen weaknesses, even if it must be done mentally. Even if due to excessive mental overstrain they will have time to escape from the problems of others, they will return to them through time. These people like to make schedules, plans, they are very punctual and require punctuality from others. At first it may seem that born September 14 to argue like to say to all of his or her opinion on the issues discussed. And they are in serious discussions they have enough wisdom to limit its performance in what they are well versed. They contemptuously refer to the superficial and overly talkative people who are trying to show themselves smarter than it really is. This their intellectual aggressiveness sometimes creates a problem both for themselves and for those around them.

Physically born September 14 really appreciate the convenience and comfort. They are connoisseurs of healthy sex, well cooked food and full of sleep. Constantly listening to the emotional side of their lives, rather than limit yourself first, and then arrange spree, they consistently work every day. After all, they need to carry out all our plans, which have enormous.

Health: Born September 14 are very sensitive to their health. Therefore, their motto - the best treatment - is prevention. Often, they follow different diets, running, tempering, engaged in a variety of sports, from the normal charge to massages. However, until such time as it is accompanied by emotional pleasure and a sense of well-being. Therefore, people born on this day, suited team sports or competitive tennis, squash, volleyball, basketball, etc. Calm, everyday plentiful sleep is very good for these workers mind. Also, for the preservation of health, they should not forget about sex, and other carnal pleasures. Support your intelligence on high bar will help them the ability to receive and give love. Born September 14 love to cook and are interested in a variety of new recipes in this they should not interfere.

Tip: Remember that your own reasoning is sometimes better to keep it to yourself. Learn to be a "gray eminence". Do not exert undue pressure, the way things are going, how goes. It's safer. Nobody has a monopoly on the mind.

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