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Fate: It is the birthday of strong personalities who have a strong-willed, independent and always have their opinions, which are ready to defend to the end. They are a little stubborn, once taking a decision, it is very difficult to convince. They have difficulty to admit their mistakes, even if they understand wrong. Friends of the Virgins of the bit, and enemies abound. Born September 13 came into this world with the aim to work out karmic debts from past lives. They can always create a safe environment for themselves by choosing the road of good, to do charity and compassionate.

The mystery of the birth: Born September 13, beginning to any business, do not skimp to spend all their energy. Endowed with a firm determination and concentration, they often face more trouble. But on the way to success, they never for a moment be doubted a favorable outcome. At times, some of those born on September 13, convinced that they have magical powers to overcome all difficulties. But this is not superstition or excessive enthusiasm occult. On the contrary, they have to live a serious, direct approach.

The most versatile of the born September 13 decision is subject so complicated, difficult and diverse problems that can only marvel at their ability to stay afloat. Often born September 13, adhere to certain views and ideas in any case, but sometimes realize that they were wrong. Thanks to their dedication and sincerity, they have earned a well-deserved respect for family and the people around them, and even zealous opponents. At a certain point in their lives born September 13 can dramatically change direction, to change plans. But most of all, once chosen the path they are on it until they reach the end, and it does not matter: good or bad. No one can convince them when they have already decided on anything. For reasons of diplomacy born September 13 can wait for a while to avoid causing frustration to others, but then return to their plans.

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In his family the Virgin are often very rigid and tyrannical, as they relate to business partners. In general, the interests of his career, they put above all. Consequently, their families often suffer from lack of attention. But such a zealous commitment does not mean that born September 13 irresponsible. To his friends and relatives while their cases in the order they will be treated contemplative, until you need effective help.

Born September 13 sometimes without any reason accused of conservatism. But in fact, for the outward appearance of conservatism hides a deep passion for his work. Absorption and enthusiastic, they refuse other promising initiatives, even without feeling remorse. After all, there is nothing in the world more important than their enthusiasm.

Born September 13 have a strong will, but do not deny yourself the pleasure sometimes meet their little weaknesses. For example, they feel an urgent need to share my life with understanding person - a partner or spouse who is able to fully accept all of their shortcomings. In turn, they will serve faithfully your friend, but it is constantly torn between career and personal life. Even divorce or death of a spouse will not be able to reduce the temperature born September 13 (especially women), they invariably will continue the work that may have started with a long-standing partner.

Health: Birth September 13 is characterized by high efficiency and good health. This has given their nature. However, the habit of abusing their potential and vitality to spend irrationally can provoke illnesses. Born September 13 prone to stress, and the line of inheritance they could face cancer and diabetes. It is necessary to avoid carcinogenic products, lead a measured, quiet life. Born on September 13, we should learn to relax, enjoy socializing with nice people heart, then their lives can last a long time and without adversity. If the pace of life is too intense, they simply burn at work.

Tip: Be sensitive to the needs and desires of others. Do not forget about the development of their spirituality, no need to suppress their emotional sphere. In life there are not only the most complex way that you prefer. A certain degree of compromise will achieve the target at the lowest cost.

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