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The mystery of the birth: Born September 9 often subject to various kinds of troubles. However, some of them they create themselves, due to their complex nature. Another, they attach great importance, although in fact the trouble is not that serious. They always choose the most difficult path to achieve their goals. If they learned how to choose a lighter way, their life would be calmer, but less bright. No doubt all those born on September 9, have the desire to solve difficult tasks of life. Quickly begins to languish, they consider intolerable engaged in for many years of the same work, even if this work will bring them huge profits. Most of them are deliberately or unconsciously go in search of new emotions, with its see where others are not even aware of their experience. This desire arises from the inner feeling of emptiness, with even those individuals who have largely succeeded.

Born September 9 infancy stand out among their peers tendency to adventurism, which allows them to make bright colors dull and ordinary life. This romantic aspiration makes people born September 9 tempting for persons of the opposite sex. And their partners are trying to surround them with a parent or paternal care and love. And, although born September 9 really need such custody, they always remain a kind of freedom-loving and very kind. If they have taken a decision, they will be very difficult to convince or dissuade.

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Being an introvert sblizhёnnymi with their inner self, they often notice that they had made a mistake or did not choose the path, even if they have to understand it immediately. The main weakness of those who are born September 9, is a tendency to exaggerate their problems and they sometimes look for where it is needed. Those born on this day are unsociable, but often they have to communicate a lot of professional interests. These people are very well aware of the meaning of "public taste." Moreover, they clearly know exactly how it can be satisfied. And here they have to make a choice: either the lowest common denominator of the highest level, or something in between. However, whatever was born September 9 have the ability to earn a lot of money at the same time.

Many of them are endless struggle with their fears, with their inner feelings and dangers. However, as it may seem, these fears allow them to become very successful people. This is another explanation for why complexity make them such a strong motivating effect. They often put their lives at risk to get the pleasure of overcoming it. Such people are reckless. They love gambling, extreme sports, extreme driving, etc. After all, for most individuals, born September 9, the meaning of life lies in the continuous struggle with the dangers. Birth and they should constantly monitor their dark side of the personality, which could push them on reckless acts with which the surrounding can not accept. And if they succeed, they deserve the reputation of the person on whom you can always rely on.

Health: Born September 9 susceptible to gastrointestinal disease. Sensitive and suspicious, they lack such qualities as endurance and strength. Even the most minor stress can cause their acidification in the stomach. Some of them are under stress can completely abandon the meal, while others, on the contrary, are subject to gluttony. Therefore, these individuals should not only stick to a balanced diet, but also to find some of your favorite dishes. In addition, they do not interfere with regular exercise is not competitive in nature. It is important to have a nice and clean Sleeps avoid insomnia.

Tip: The formation of such personal qualities as self-confidence, a very difficult task. You need to listen to one's own "I", in a quiet environment to reflect and to determine their real ability, and then actively promote them. Remember that if you do not learn to cope with their own fears, you learn to control yourself, sooner or later will fail. Always be optimistic and do not be depressed.

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