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Fate: People born on September 8, have all the qualities inherent in a strong personality: will, hard work, responsibility. They stand firm in its opinion, especially if you are sure that their view is the only correct one. The paper offers a rare responsibility: if set to work, it certainly will bring it to the end and do everything according to conscience. They are reliable, loyal friends. You can be sure that a person is born on September 8, never betray not let you down, regardless of the circumstances. The life of these people is full of wins and losses, but to cope with all the setbacks, they head high then go through life without losing courage and optimism.

Mystery birthday: Believe me, a man born on September 8 will not be a "open book." With his every word and deed you output more and more will get confused. To characterize these people a few words is impossible. After all, at first glance, they constantly put things in order in the affairs of (in any walk of life, whether it's work, family, inner circle), trying to fit all reasonable and proper, but even when you make mistakes, they will think that everyone is doing it right, and it is unlikely there will be people who can convince them otherwise.

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People born on September 8 can not influence others. They are not clear, often highly secretive. With good acting ability, can play any vital role in whatever condition they are not delivered. However, rarely use their gifts. Most were born in this day prefer to analyze the reality through the narrow prism of good and evil, often even to themselves without giving account of the fact that life is much more diverse, and even good and evil can mean the same thing in the understanding of different people.

For those born on September 8, the big role played by their ideals and loved ones. In defense of those, and others, they are ready to go at any time, regardless of the danger and without spending time searching for the guilty. In most of these situations, they are also the most important "villains" and turn. Therefore, they just need the right balance of priorities and values in life. Those who were born on this day have (in addition to acting talent), but also a good sense of humor. All of this, along with their seriousness, giving them the ability to control its interesting surroundings.

With a huge number of positive and interesting qualities, they are unlikely to captivate the interlocutor. They are respected, they are worshiped, they are afraid of, but at the same time believe such people is limitless. Perhaps because they receive not the most gentle, parents and lovers. Perhaps in some areas of life will manifest their tendency to tyranny, the inability to make concessions. But hardly anywhere you can find a more honest, reliable, trustworthy man. Born September 8 prefer to take a leading position in all spheres of life. Their views often vary a lot from the opinions of others, but they are ready to declare them publicly without fear of consequences.

They are afraid of change and pedantic. They do not like to listen to the opinions of others, believing themselves right in all respects. With people born on this day, hard to find a common language. However, be aware that their actions and words (even seemingly negative and meaningless) motivated by a desire to do good and sincere belief in what they are doing.

Health: People born on September 8 are often strong supporters of a healthy lifestyle. But only in the councils of the other! They know exactly what and how to eat and prepare to be healthy, but rarely follow their own rules. These strong and seemingly invulnerable individual, very prone to stress. As a consequence, "sticking" problems and excessive weight. They need to pay special attention to style and diet. But the most important thing for them is the adjustment of the emotional sphere. Once they allow themselves to let into your life a warm friendship, tender love and affection for loved ones, all their illnesses go away by themselves.

Tip: You can not be ideal in the eyes of others. Remember that not all of your tips are correct, useful and understandable to your loved ones. Be yourself, do not lose what distinguishes you from other people. Do not impose your point of view to other people, give them the same chance to be a strong personality. Beware of becoming authoritarian and indifferent person.

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