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Fate: Those born September 7, mostly pragmatists or realists, they clearly analyze each new situation. In life, give only clear and achievable goals and go to him, overcoming all obstacles, because a sober assessment of their potential. Most often, they reach a high status in society. This day promotes disclosing the bright side of a person that helps him to cultivate and assert themselves in life.

The mystery of the birth: birth 7 September, all the time trying to achieve personal success and their desire for him knows no bounds. Because of this, all the way through their difficulties accompany eternal. Life is long, and there are always problems, but these people are so motivated that will always come to the target, even if it takes a lot of time, energy, health.

The world around us does not make them gifts or condescension, but they have tremendous will power and great ideas, as a result of others who had not believed them, eventually becoming their side. Surprisingly, people who were born on September 7 in his youth rarely fighting for their welfare.

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Many do easily abandon all achieved through hard work and start all "from scratch", which often causes severe misunderstanding of the family and others. People born on September 7 is not like the end result, but the work itself to him, to overcome the difficulties of competition. But if you convince them of the error of their plans, they may abandon even his long-term work. Accordingly, the difficulties associated with their rivals, competitors and others just disappear.

People born on September 7 - one of the most dangerous and violent enemies, because in order to destroy his opponent, they will resort to all available methods, such as quality, as charity, they can not boast. But there is a downside, they are loyal friends, and good friends, but only if your views are the same, or you are working towards a common goal.

People who have chosen technical specialty or highly specialized, are aces in their field. They are completely immersed in the work and give it its soul, studying every detail associated with their activities. Those who have become leaders or managers of their employees and subordinates to create a machine, for which in the end there are no obstacles, and these subordinates perform any indication leader.

As head of the family, these people guide and support true soul mate and children, but do not tolerate failure. It comes at a difficult period of life of those people who were born on September 7 when their children reach adolescence. It is surprising that a man born on this day, as a parent is to teach children to make their own decisions, but they do not have even a little patience when any dispute arises during child rearing.

Born September 7 achieved great success, if they start to share its responsibility with others, learn to be part of the team. The less they worry that they are not the leaders of the team, the better, not only to themselves but also to others. Born September 7 with age friendly, but do not lose your desire to be a leader. Ideal destination would be one in which all people will achieve in the elderly. If a person is born on September 7 I realized that is not completely reached the goal or realize themselves not in the industry, it would be so miserable that enters into a protracted depression.

Health: People born on September 7 formally pass regular medical check-ups of all the doctors, because they are generally careless about their health. They are very thin cooks, so they fit the culinary arts. Physical training such people are rarely interested in, though many sports in which you want to compete, ideal for a splash of emotions and accumulated stress. Born September 7 sensual nature, therefore, the constant sex will make them happy.

Tip: Learn the patience to himself and to others. Create problems out of nowhere - a very unwise. Acquire harmony with itself and with the outside world. Be kinder reduce their demands, and learn to adapt to the world. And then you will succeed.

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