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Fate: born on this day of the happy people. They are from birth, are under the protection of heaven, which helps them stay on the right path. These people are brilliant at birth, they have a high level of intelligence and amazing creativity. Most often it is remarkable leaders, great organizers who feel the mood of the team is good and quickly win it credibility. As life goes easy enough, luck walks always beside them.

Mystery birthday: No one born September 2 never puts himself above others. They are opposed to hypocrisy in all its forms and firmly reject unnatural. They are rare to hear an apology for his behavior or performance. Few think about the motives and reasons to the commission of any act, preferring to them for their actions say. Increased attention to his work born September 2 often makes them workaholics. It is a pity, but was defeated and was disappointed, those born on this day are sometimes not strong enough to overcome the temporary difficulties or changes in the way.

If they befalls an avalanche of criticism over, they flare up like a match. This weakness puts them in a very serious relationship from a family member or friend, most trusted and whose opinion is particularly respected. Most of born September 2 owners a modest appearance. They are trying to once again not to attract attention. If the fate talent bestowed not significant, choosing a profession, they settled on something reliable and tested with minimum risk factor. Personality of the more unusual ability to consciously go for the risky undertaking, in order to experience the adrenaline rush, but more often they create them artificially, than trying to find.

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Born September 2 - a real fighter for equality and justice, they could easily stand on protecting the rights of the common man. I sincerely sympathize with those who are desperately in need of something, who are persecuted setbacks and adversity or misfortune does not stop. But they rarely accept offers of help, when they really need it. Fearing the emergence, the slightest misunderstanding, born September 2 voiced their opinions very simply and gently. Some of them have a negative attitude to the self-centered, unwarranted complexity of thought and speech of others. Born September 2 competently manage finances and money, and their own, they all the more, even in case of a limited number. Being financially oriented most of who were born on this day, they have good physical preparation. They appreciate the beauty and usefulness of things and objects. In romantic relationships born September 2 are very legible and making choices rather remain with nothing, rather than go to a compromise with the expectations.

If we talk about personal relationships, by its partners and the friends they make high demands. Whatever position in society occupied born September 2, they always adhere to a strict code of honor. They are people of word and deed when the transaction took place for breaking promises, vibrations, easing may not be the place. With this in mind they are easy and safe to do business, despite the lack of sympathy on their part and high standards, although it is sometimes disturbing. They do not forget about the rest, enjoy life and have fun.

Health: Born September 2 themselves add yourself health problems overstrained both at work and in personal life. They do not get involved in self-flagellation and be more trusting internally. Most often they have special problems with the digestive organs and the stomach, so the acidity and ulcer - the most dangerous of their enemies. They need to find a balance between carefully repressed aggression and sudden emotional outbursts. There will be an assistant chief healthy diet. Those born on this day must take into account the recommendations of dietitian and culinary experts who are able to offer them the most rational menu. In achieving this goal will help interested balanced diet. These people are useful exercise important to be moderate and regular.

Tip: Try to be more balanced. Do not be satisfied with little. Strive to achieve the set goals if you believe in their ability. Do not forget about the inspiration, the work just for the sake of work to no good will not. Give her tenderness to others.

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