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Fate: Decisive, strong-willed, hard-working, endowed with great intuition people born on this day. Being endowed with diverse talents, always are on track to achieve its goal. In life, they manage virtually everything they can easily find a common language with the right people. Before you start any business, they calculate all the details on the many steps ahead - a good help to eliminate errors. They are engaged in self-education, introducing new technologies and methods. For themselves, they create the most comfortable conditions in their home comfort reigns, harmony, mutual respect and understanding.

Mystery birthday: Difficulties destined born September 1st overcome quite easily. They are trying to be practical, but not to the detriment of honest and direct relationship to life. Born on this day, a lot of original and fantasize, but they know how to implement them in reality, that usually brings big profits. In relation to his work born September 1st ever not to waste time. They like it when their performance is assessed at its true worth, and those who do not recognize, and even minimizes, they absolutely can not tolerate. But still they are able to listen to objective criticism. Their desire to move forward to the peak of professional skill, does not allow to neglect any creative suggestions.

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Although born on September 1 in the main person involved in mental activity, they are strong enough and their physical characteristics. In case of not meeting their physical needs or receive inadequate evaluation of their efforts, they have the peace of disappointment. Born September 1 firmly believe in the need for everyone to own self-defense techniques that encourage their loved ones and children to learn martial arts or military affairs. Being a warrior by nature, they do not miss an opportunity to prove their words with deeds, and generally do not try to avoid a fight.

Born on this day, it is necessary to ease the pressure on those who can be very sensitive to their direct attacks. In every area of your life, born on the first day of September, trying to strike a balance between physical and mental activity. Thinking, for example, the organization of a picnic or evening chatting with friends, they energetically take the case, preferring to clean and cook for themselves. If they implement the ideas and concepts, the sense of satisfaction comes only when the plans.

What would they have neither created, they will certainly be involved in the formation of the fruit of their labor. Born on September 1 is one of the first places nominate sexual satisfaction. In no case do not consider sex a kind of sport. Probably the partners they need, they should be interested in both body and mind. Born on this day, we have to understand that in this sense, not all of them agree, and more acceptable to the separation of physical and human brain activity. This point is very often leads to difficulties in relationships with partners. In addition, born September 1 it is not necessary constantly to focus on her career and be entertained, not only while on vacation or on weekends.

At one point, they will realize that most conflicts pass without a trace. They know the laws of survival, however, and they have their own limits. Sometimes they do not want to play with fate, and be content with what is already there, and even defeat, but this time you need to learn to say to yourself, "Stop!" To avoid disaster. You should not tease your luck, but certainly the desire to win is so strong that this will give them a lesson with great difficulty.

Health: Almost all born September 1 health is good, but only when they live on a strictly monitored schedule. Regular meals, physical education classes, the optimal combination of work and rest - all this has a positive effect on their condition. For those born September 1, it is important that physical needs are met, not only in bed, but also abroad. Regarding sports, we should not forget that these people are reckless and loves to compete for the award, so they are attracted to tennis, handball, squash and similar sports. Born September 1, usually picky eating habits, and thus they need to improve their culinary skills or dinner in the circle of their own kind.

Tip: Try to learn to recognize when you need to retire, and maybe escape. You do not always powerful and invincible, as you see. Be careful when giving advice and guidance to others. Try to be less serious, live life to the fullest and learn from others.

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